watchOS 5.1.2 Released With ECG feature, New Infograph Complications And Walkie-Talkie In Control Center

watchos 5.1.2 software update

watchOS 5.1.2 Software Update.

Apple has released watchOS 5.1.2 a couple of days ago and no complains about bugs that crash your Apple Watch have surfaced. Our test device is also working fine. The Cupertino-based tech giant seems to have learned its lessons from the watchOS 5.1 fiasco, that bricked several watchOS devices, about a month ago. WatchOS 5.1.2 is actually the third update to this 5th watchOS generation. WatchOS 5.1.1 was immediately released to solve the problem of 5.1.

As reported during the beta testing stages, watchOS 5.1.2 brings a series of new features to the Apple Watch Series 4 flagships. The most important of them is the ECG support. An AW 4 owner can now take a single-lead electrocardiogram with the help of their smartwatch!

apple watch ecg screenshots ECG from Apple Watch
It’s important to notice that the ECG app is currently only available for customer from the United States. Apple is expected to gradually release the feature worldwide as soon as the procedure is gets clearance from the entitled local authorities of each country. Electrocardiograms are used to diagnose heart problems and this feature has high chances of becoming popular among Apple Watch owners.
Fact: Besides ECG support the Apple Watch is now also able to alert owners if it detects abnormal heart rhythm, that’s and indicator of atrial fibrillation. This feature is available to all Apple Watches running watchOS 5.

watchOS 5.1.2 new Infograph face complications New Infograph Face Complications
More important additions coming in watchOS 5.1.2 are first-party complications for the Infograph Watch Face, for the Apple Watch Series 4 models. The new shortcuts are for: Maps, Mail, Messages, Home, Phone, Apple News, Find My Friends and Remote.
Fact: The majority of these new complications act like an actual shortcut. A tap allows them to open up the app in question. They don’t act like mini-info modules that can pass info like unread messages or mails!

watchos 5.1.2 walkie-talkie toggle in control center Walkie-Talkie In Control Center
Worth highlighting is also the new Walkie-Talkie toggle that’s available in the Control Center and that allows you to easily enable and disable this feature, for battery saving and other more convenient operations.

watchOS 5.1.2 Full Update Log
Apple labels this update as including new features, improvements and bug fixes:

New ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 (US and US territories only)
* Allows you to take an electrocardiogram similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram
* Can indicate whether your heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation—a serious form of irregular heart rhythm—or sinus rhythm, which means your heart is beating in a normal pattern
* Saves ECG waveform, classification and any noted symptoms in a PDF on the Health app on iPhone to share with your doctor

Adds the ability to receive an alert if an irregular heart rhythm that appears to be atrial fibrillation is detected (US and US territories only)

Enables direct access to supported movie tickets, coupons, and rewards cards in Wallet when tapped to a contactless reader

Receive notifications and animated celebrations when you achieve daily maximum points in a day during an Activity competition

New Infograph complications for Mail, Maps, Messages, Find My Friends, Home, News, Phone, Remote

Manage your availability for Walkie-Talkie from Control Center

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