watchOS 5 Infograph Watch Face For The Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 Infograph Watch Face.

Apple Watch Series 4 running Infograph Watch Face.

The 5th watchOS generation comes with plenty of new features like the Walkie-Talkie push-to-talk option, audio Group FaceTime calls and more. While the majority of improvements are available for all watchOS 5 compatible devices, there’s a new Infograph Watch Face that’s only displaying on the Apple Watch Series 4 models. This new theme takes advantage of the enlarged screen real estate and can host up to eight complications.

There are in fact two Infograph Watch Face options: the standard one which has an analog clock format and Infograph Modular which is an updated version of the classic Modular background, available since the beginnings. The enhancement is that Infograph Modular can now acoomodate six complications instead of 5. One can select from both built-in shortcuts of the native apps, as well as external complications from third-party applications.

infograph vs infograph modular watch face watchOS 5 Infograph Face Complications Layout
1. Infograph: the analog background provides four spots for complications in each corner of the watch, along four more glances under the watch hands.
2. Infograph Modular: The modular layout is accommodating three complications at the bottom of the screen. In the center of the Watch Face we find a large complication spot which can host the built-in shortcuts for Activity, Calendar, Heart Rate, Stocks, or Weather Conditions. A 5th complication is available on the left side of the current time, for the 6th an new spot is found in the top-right corner of the screen.

watchOS 5 Built-In Complications
infograph watch face with 8 complications The native Apple Watch apps have predefined complications that you can choose from, when configuring any available Watch Face. There’s a limited number of complications that can be set for the large complication spots, such as the one available in the middle of the Infograph Modular Watch Face. All other shortcuts can be selected in any of the small complication circles. You can choose from: Activity, Alarm, AQI, Battery, Breathe, Calendar, Date, Digital Time, Earth, Heart Rate, Moon, Monogram, Music, Reminders, Solar, Solar System, Stocks, Stopwatch, Sunrise/Sunset, Timer, UV Index, Walkie-Talkie, Weather, Weather Conditions, Wind, Workout, and World Clocks.
Tip: The Dial complication allows you to pick a specific contact that you can call with a single tap from the Watch Face!

Fact: Third-party complications differ for each users, as they are provided by the third party apps that you install on your Apple Watch, via the paired iPhone!

How To Edit Complications
There are two ways to assign complications to the Infograph Watch Face or any other theme available in watchOS 5. Directly from your wrist by force touching the Watch Face and selecting the Customize option, or from the Face Gallery section, which is available in the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone!

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