watchOS 5 Podcasts App Tips And Tricks

watchOS 5 Podcasts app and AirPods.

watchOS 5 Podcasts app and AirPods.

Podcasts is one of the new stock apps available on your Apple Watch in watchOS 5. It allows you to listen your favorite podcasts without needing the paired iPhone. What you need though is your AirPods or any other pair of Bluetooth headphones, because the Apple Watch’s speaker is only available for the audio notifications, Siri playback and other limited sounds, that don’t require a complex speaker quality.

Streaming the podcasts to your wrist is done via the Apple Watch’s Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, in case your watchOS device comes with a SIM card. Of course, that you can only play episodes available on your iPhone if the iOS smartphone is nearby and the podcast in question is available in its library. The Podcasts app only works after you pair your headphones. So gear up, and read on!

watchos 5 podcasts app home screen How To Use The Podcasts App on Apple Watch
1. Open the app from the Watch Face complication or via the Apple Watch home screen. It’s a purple icon with an antenna drawn on it, similar to the iOS 12 icon.
Tip: You can also ask Siri to open the app.
2. The Podcasts app opens up the most recent show that you are subscribed to. Tap the episode to start playback.
Tip: Music controls are available via the Digital Crown, or in the Now Playing screen which can be swiped for.

apple watch podcasts app library How To Add New Podcasts Subscriptions
Your available Podcasts are viewable in the Library section, which can be reached by using the Digital Crown to scroll the Podcasts app Home screen.
Fact: To add new podcast subscription you have to know the name of it and ask Siri to do it on your behalf, using the following voice command: “Hey Siri subscribe to [podcast name]!” However, you can also only listed to a certain podcast without subscribing to it. In this case speak out “Hey siri play [podcast name]!” or Hey Siri play episode [no.] of [podcast name]! At the moment there is not way to browse podcasts on the Apple Watch. For this you need to use Podcasts on the paired iPhone.
Tip: You can wake Siri without the Hey Siri feature or the Digital Crown. Read here how!

podcasts app now playing screen How To Use Podcasts Offline
Podcasts that are available in the Episodes section of the app, are available on the Apple Watch and can be played without an active Internet connectivity. The episodes are downloaded when the watchOS device is connected to a power source and is nearby the paired iPhone. So, if you just downloaded an episode on the paired iPhone, don’t expect it to become available immediately for offline listening on your Apple Watch!
Fact: After playing an episode, the file is automatically deleted by watchOS 5, to free up storage for other media.

Control iPhone Podcasts Playback
The Apple Watch and the Podcasts app can also be used as a remote control for the paired iPhone, when episodes are running on the iOS smartphone. A red icon is displayed on the Watch Face. Open the Podcasts app and you will find a new “On iPhone” tab. Open it and access the Now Playing screen with controls for the ongoing playback. You can also select:
Listen Now to review recent playbacks;
Shows which lists all your subscriptions;
Episodes which contains all the available episodes;
Stations that shows the Podcasts stations that you created on your iPhone.

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