watchOS 8 New Features, Release Notes, Bugs And More

watchOS 8 update

watchOS 8 update

Apple has released watchOS 8 build number 19R346 to all compatible Apple Watch models! The update focuses on new ways to keep you healthy, active and connected thanks to the new Mindfulness app, Tai Chi and Pilates workouts and a redesigned Photos app!

watchOS 8 Download

This software update is available as usual, over-the-air via the Watch app on the paired iPhone! For the update to show up, Apple’s smartphone has to run iOS 15, which was released alongside watchOS 8!

How to update:
watchos 8 download

  • Open the Watch app navigate to the My Watch tab.
    Browse for General -> Software Update. If automatic downloads are disabled you have to tap

  • Download and Install.
  • Be patient until watchOS 8 is downloaded and installed on your Apple Watch.
  • The device will automatically reboot to mark the end of the update process. Provide your passcode and start exploring watchOS 8!

watchOS 8 Update Facts

  • The Apple Watch won’t update if it’s not connected to the MagSafe charger.
  • It also need to be near the paired iPhone and both devices have to be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • The watchOS 8 installation starts only if the watch’s battery is charged to at least 50%.
  • Important: Don’t remove Apple Watch from its charger until the watchOS 8 installation ends! Don’t restart it either, while the process is ongoing!

watchOS 8 Release Notes

Check the screenshots provided nearby for the full update log:
watchos 8 release notes

Fact: For the security content of this update you can check Apple’s document!

watchOS 8 Features

watchos 8 features
Some of the most important enhancements are:

  • Portraits face uses portrait photos shot with your iPhone to create an immersive, multi-layered face.
  • World time face allows you to track time in 24 different time zones.
  • New Pilates and Tai Chi workout types.
  • Automatic Outdoor Cycling workout detection feature is able to send reminder in the Workout app. Retroactive credit is awarded for the exercise that was already performed. More, the Outdoor Cycling workouts are auto paused and resumed!
  • Voice feedback in workouts provides info about milestones with the help of the built-in speaker or paired Bluetooth headphones.
  • Keys and ID cards can be added to the Wallet app.
  • Always-on display is available for more apps
  • Apple Watch is able to measure the Respiratory Rate during sleep!
  • New ways to compose messages with Scribble, dictation, and emoji, all from the same screen!
  • Find My allows you to find Items, Devices and triggers separation alerts on Apple Watch!
  • Mindfulness app incorporates the Breathe sessions and add a new Reflect option.
  • Multiple timers are now available for your Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch automatically aligns with the Focus set in iOS 15, iPadOS 15 or macOS. Monterey, so you can efficiently filter notifications!
  • Real-time headphone audio level measurement available in Control Center!

watchOS 8 Bugs

Common problems encountered in this release 8 will be listed below. We will try to replicate all issues and provide workarounds. In the worst case scenario we will only be able to submit Feedback to Apple and hope for a fix in an upcoming software update.

  • Mickey Mouse watch face turns black, while Mickey or Minnie are announcing time.
    Workaround: Reboot Apple Watch.
    Reported by: Cynthia
  • Apple Watch time not updating when Always On mode is enabled. Time updates again after the wrist is raised.
    Workaround: not available yet.
    Reported by: Bob
  • Activity Rings disappear from Watch Face!
    Workaround: Reboot Apple Watch. It’s a temporary fix.
    Reported by: Anita
  • Digital crown can’t scroll time in the set Custom Timer interface
    Workaround: Swipe the interface with your fingers instead. You can also attempt to reboot Apple Watch.
    Reported by: Darren
  • Dismiss Messages not working. False tap is registered instead that triggers a reply with a suggested answer, that’s available right below the Dismiss button!
    Workaround: Use the Digital Crown as shown here.
    Reported by: David

watchOS 8 Timeline

Here is the public release schedule of the 8th watchOS generation:

  • September 20: watchOS 8 (19R346)
  • October 11: watchOS 8.0.1 (19R354)

Have you updated your Apple Watch to watchOS 8? What’s your favorite new feature? How about bugs. Did experience any annoying issues? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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