watchOS 9.0.2 Bugs Fixed, Problems, Features & Improvements

watchOS 9.0.2 update

watchOS 9.0.2 update

Apple has released watchOS 9.0.2 build number 20R383 for Apple Watch 4 and later. This is a minor update that continues to fine tune the 9th watchOS generation. Check out the bugs fixed, new problems, features and improvements!

watchOS 9.0.2 Bugs Fixed

watchos 9.0.2 bugs fixed
The release notes highlight four problems that have been addressed by this update:

  • 1. Spotify streaming interrupting unexpectedly has been FIXED!
  • 2. Snooze alarm notifications won’t stop after alarm is deleted when AssistiveTouch is turned ON! (FIXED!)
  • 3. Wallet and Fitness data not syncing for Apple Watches that are newly paired. (FIXED!)
  • 4. Microphone audio cutting out for Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra users. (FIXED!)
  • However, there might be more silent fixes, because we’ve covered over a dozen bugs reported for watchOS 9.0. Help us check them out and complete this list:

  • 5. To be updated!
  • Fact: watchOS 9.0.2 doesn’t include any security updates as confirmed by the missing CVE entries!

watchOS 9.0.2 Problems

New issues surfacing in this version are mentioned below. Check them out before updating, as downgrading watchOS version can only be done in an Apple Store.

New Bugs

  • 1. Prime Music playback stops at the second song when playing a playlist. Reported by Scott.
    Fix: will be published here.
  • 2. Alarm problems after watchOS 9.0.2 update. Reported by Costin and Ryan.
  • To be updated!

Older watchOS 9 Issues

  • 1. Notifications display summary even when Show Summary When Locked is turned Off.
  • 2. Workout app crashes whenever a new workout is started.
  • 3. Resting heart rate is lower than normal because it also averages heart rate during sleep.
  • 4. Touch screen not working properly on Apple Watch 5 and 7.
  • 5. Charging slow with third-party chargers.
  • 6. Always On Display not working with Workouts app.

watchOS 9.0.2 Features

watchos 9.0.2 security updates
According to the release notes highlighted above, this is a bug fixing update and we don’t expect any new features. Small changes might have passed under-the-hood. If you notice anything don’t hesitate to share it in the comments!

  • To be updated!

watchOS 9.0.2 Update

This release is available as usual, over-the-air in the Watch app on the paired iPhone:
watchos 9.0.2 download

  • In the My Watch tab, browse for Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install, provide Passcode and be patient until the 127 MB update file is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your Apple Watch!
  • Fact: For the installation to occur Apple Watch has to be connected to the charger, in range o the Paired iPhone and connected to WiFi!

watchOS 9.0.2 Update Video

For more details check our YouTube review:

watchOS 9.0.2 Not Available?

Update not showing up? If Apple Watch is already running the watchOS 9.1 beta, this update won’t be found, because it’s an inferior build.

Unable to check for update? This happens when watchOS 9.1 beta runs on the Apple Watch and the watchOS 9 Beta Profile has been deleted.

Fix: Reinstall the profile and continue with the beta versions, or be patient until watchOS 9.1 is released to the public!

Have you installed watchOS 9.0.2 on Apple Watch? What’s your feedback? Have you noticed any changes not mentioned in this article? What about new bugs or other problems? Share your feedback in the comments! We’re here to help!

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