watchOS 9 Beta Download, Features And Bugs [For Developers]

watchOS 9 Beta for Developers

watchOS 9 Beta for Developers

Apple has released the first watchOS 9 Beta for Developers with build number 20R5287q! Unlike the iOS 16 beta, the Apple Watch test version are only available to registered and paying Apple Developers!

Although watchOS 9 Beta can be installed on any compatible Apple Watch, we strongly recommend you to think twice before proceeding. There’s no way to reverse from the watchOS 9 test version to the most recent watchOS 8.6 public release.

You have to stick with the beta for the entire summer, or bring your watch to an Apple store and ask for help with the downgrade.

watchOS 9 Beta Download

To be able to install watchOS 9 Developer Beta on your Apple Watch you have to download the watchOS 9 Configuration Profile and enroll your Apple Watch to the Developer Beta program.

This is available in the Apple Developer Center. You have to sign-in with your iPhone, using your Apple ID and download the profile (only available if you’re a paying Apple Developer).

The watchOS 9 Beta Profile can also be downloaded from unofficial, third-party sources, however we don’t recommend you to choose this option.

Important: Before attempting to download watchOS 9 Beta you have to update the paired iPhone to iOS 16 Beta, as described here!

watchOS 9 Beta Update

After downloading and installing the watchOS 9 Beta Profile open the Watch app on iPhone and make sure that you view the My Watch tab:

watchOS 9 Beta for Developers

watchOS 9 Beta for Developers

  • 1. Go for General -> Software Update and tap Download and Install after the watchOS 9 Developer Beta comes up on your screen.
  • 2. Enter Passcode, Agree with Apple’s terms and be patient until the new software is requested, downloaded and prepared for update.

    Important: Make sure that Apple Watch is attached to the MagSafe charger, in range with the paired iPhone, connected to Wi-Fi and the battery level is above 50%.

  • 3. Tap Install Now, when it becomes available and be patient until watchOS 9 Beta update is verified and deployed on your Apple Watch. Device reboots before you’re allowed to test out watchOS 9!
  • watchOS 9 Beta Release Notes

    The release notes mention some new features valuable for Developers as well as know bugs and recommended workarounds:

    • Accessibility – Downloaded voices don’t work with VoiceOver. (Workaround: Close the Settings app from the Dock and relaunch it after downloading the voice.)
    • Voice Shortcuts – Speaking app shortcut phrases to Siri works randomly. When it doesn’t, it ends up with an unexpected result.
    • Workout – Power Saving mode isn’t respected work during workouts, although user enabled it system-wide.
    • Tip: For the complete release notes we recommend you to read Apple’s article on this subject.

    watchOS 9 Beta Bugs

    There are many other issues occurring in these early beta stages. We’re updating them below as they’re reported. Use the comments section and help us uncover them faster:

    • Messages – Badges not working. Users not notified about unread imessages. (Reported by: Scott)
      Workaround: not available yet.
    • Sleep stages not working. Watch is only tracking ‘Time Asleep’. (Reported by Guildo over email.)
    • To be updated!

    watchOS 9 Beta Features

    The new watchOS brings lots of new features. The most important ones are highlighted below:
    watchos 9 features

    • New Watch Faces – four new themes to take bette advantage of the extra screen real estate.
    • Sleep Stages – for a detailed view of your sleep.
    • Heart Rate Zones – for more efficient workouts
    • Medication App – to help you track your pill intake.
    • Running form Metrics – for more efficient running routines

    More: For the extended watchOS 9 feature collection check our collection available here.

    Have you installed watchOS 9 Developer Beta on your Apple Watch? What’s your feedback? Which are your favorite new features? What about annoying bugs? Use the comments section!

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