watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 Problems? Share Them Here!

watchos 9 Public Beta 3

watchos 9 Public Beta 3

Apple has released watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 build number 20R5343e alongside iOS 16 Public Beta 3. This release is identical and shares the same build with watchOS 9 Developer Beta 5. Let’s take a look at the common problems, new features and bug fixes!

watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 Problems

watchOS 9 beta updates can’t be downgraded! If you want to return to a public watchOS 8 version you have to bring your watch back to an Apple Store and ask for an assisted downgrade. More details available here.

That’s why reading about potential watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 issues before updating is very important. Here is what we uncovered so far:

  • 1. Weather app and complications not loading. | Reported by Lea on our watchOS 9 Dev Beta 5 review page.
    Fix: Force restart Apple Watch. (Digital Crown + Side Button press & hold)
    weather app not working watchos 9
  • 2. Apple Pay not working, getting Card not managed error in payment terminal. | Reported by Dup_001 on Reddit.
    Fix: Force restart Apple Watch.
  • 3. Passes not syncing to Apple Watch Wallet after they’re added to the iPhone Wallet. | Reported by George on our DB5 review page.
    Fix: Not available yet.
  • 4. Apple Watch won’t connect to LifeFitness treadmill. This worked in previous betas. | Reported by macdigger on Reddit.
  • 5. Race Route not available anymore. It’s not a bug though. It’s mentioned in the Developer release notes. However, if you like to compete against yourself in workouts you should stay on Public Beta 2 .
  • To be updated!

watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 Bug Fixes

Issues from previous betas that have been addressed in this release are:

  • Apple Watch battery life is a bit better than in the previous beta. Anyone else experiencing the same? Please share feedback in the comments.
  • To be updated!

watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 Features

Changes that premiere in this version are listed below:

  • New Ping my iPhone sound for when you ping the paired iOS 16 device from the Apple Watch Control Center.
    Tip: Hear the new sound playing inthis YouTube video:
  • New Update Complete splash screen as shown in our Developer Beta 5 review.
  • To be updated!

watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 Download

This update is available over-the-air in the Watch app:

  • View the My Watch tab and go for: General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Fact: For watchOS 9 PB 3 to show up in the Software Update screen you need to install the watchOS 9 Beta Profile from the Apple Beta Software Program website. More details are available here.

Have you installed watchOS 9 Public Beta 3 update? Noticed any new features or problems that aren’t covered in this article? Share your feedback in the comments.

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