Week 48: Runtastic, Rogue Star, Sneezies & More Apps Gone Free Or Discounted

Week 48 App Store Deals

Week 48 App Store Deals.

The famous Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday App Store deals have come and gone. If you enjoyed our huge selection of over 100 applications that gone free or have been heavily discounted, you surly will also be interested in another collection of iPhone and iPad apps that are currently on sale during Week 48 of 2016. It’s become a habit for us to weekly release a list with App Store promotions.

We receive daily emails from app developers that wish to share their ongoing offers. Here is what we collected this week, starting with Tuesday, the day after Cyber Monday. Enjoy $47 worth of app savings! Besides the discounted applications you’ll also find a few new apps that have premiered on App Store these days. Don’t forget to like and share this article to make it available to many other iOS users!

Week 48 App Store Deals

1. Whoowasit? ($3.99 -> FREE)
2. Junk Jack Retro ($2.99 -> FREE)
3. Sneezies HD ($2.99 -> FREE)
4. Runtastic Pro ($1.99 -> FREE)
5. Feelca Tungsten ($0.99 -> FREE)
6. Short Menu ($1.99 -> FREE)
7. Rogue Star ($3.99 -> $2.99)
8. Le Parker (NEW -> $2.99)
9. Apollo Justice (NEW -> $0.99)
10. Onion Browser ($0.99 -> FREE)
11. Intro to Colors ($4.99 -> FREE)
12. Jerrycan ($0.99 -> FREE)
13. Toca Hair Saloon 2 ($2.99 -> FREE)
14. Anim8 ($4.99 -> FREE)
15. Animal Math Games For Kids ($3.99 -> FREE)
16. Nighty Night Circus ($3.99 -> FREE)
17. Slip Away Mystify ($2.99 -> FREE)
18. OMG. I can Meditate! ($6.99 -> FREE)

Fact: Promotions have various deadlines. We apologize in case you attempt to download one of the above listed apps and the offer isn’t anymore available!

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