What Is AppleCare+ For iPhone?

iphone and applecare+

iPhone and AppleCare+

vWhen you buy and iPhone the device comes with an 1 year warranty for hardware crashes and 90 days of complimentary support. The hardware warranty is limited and covers manufacturing flaws and any other problems that might appear on your iOS device under normal usage. For example, a battery that isn’t working at normal parameters. What’s not covered is any type of physical damage that your iPhone might inquire because of drops, water submersion or any other accidental misshapen.

Complimentary support allows you to call Apple experts and ask for assistance for setting up a new iPhone. It provides you the opportunity to ask for help in case you can’t install, launch or reinstall your iOS smartphone. All this is included in case your hardware configuration meets the minimum system requirements for the desired software install. You’re entitled to unlimited support incidents within the 90-day time frame. On top of all this, you’re also able to opt for the AppleCare+ package which is a paid extension of the warranty benefits described above, along with the addition of accidental damage coverage!

AppleCare+ Benefits
cracked iPhone 7 screen First of all your initial 1 year iPhone warranty is doubled. What’s more important is that you have two accidental incidents covered by Apple. This includes everything from dropping your smartphone and cracking your screen to submerging it and inflicting water damage to your iOS device. Yes, circuit flooding is a frequent issue even if your a water resistant iPhone 7 owner. It’s equally important to know that each of the two accidental damage usage will cost you an additional fee depending on the gravity of the situation.
Last but not least, your complimentary support period is also significantly extended from 90 days to two years. This means that you benefit from, around the clock, prioritized access to Apple experts via phone or chat.

AppleCare+ Hardware Coverage
burned iphone 6s device Depending on the severity of the problem hardware servicing might result in repairing or replacement of the faulty part or of the entire phone:
– iPhone (the terminal as a whole along with each individual part)
– Battery (is considered as a manufacturing flaw if it retains less than 80% of its original capacity)
– Earphones and accessories that are included in the original iPhone packaging.
– Accidental Incidents that result in the hardware destruction. (A maximum of two incidents are covered, each repair comes with an extra fee.)

AppleCare+ Software Coverage
– troubleshooting iPhone and iOS
– support for iCloud activation and usage
– support for all stock Apple apps including: Maps, Messages, FaceTime, Mail, Calendar and all the others.
– wireless network connectivity help
Fact: Software issues are likely to be covered with the help of a single call or online chat. However, if your iPhone isn’t working at normal parameters you can always opt for one of the three servicing options: Mail-in repair, Carry-in repair, Express Replacement Service.

AppleCare+ Pricing
– To extend your iPhone’s warranty you have to be ready to get an extra $129 out of your pocket.
– Each accidental incident is charged an extra $29 in case of a screen replacement or $99 for any other damage.
Fact: AppleCare+ is currently available for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models.
Tip: AppleCare+ is available for purchase when you buy your new iPhone or up to 60 days from the day of purchase. If you fail to grab it during the checkout process while ordering your new iOS smartphone, you can add it:
– Online, by verifying your serial number and running a remote diagnostics,
– at an Apple Retail store (requires iPhone inspection and proof of purchase),
– via phone call by dialing (800) 275-2273 and running a remote diagnosis along with proof of purchase.