WhatsApp Blue Ticks – Read Message Notification

Whatsapp sent message notifications

WhatsApp Read Message Notifications.

One of the most popular smartphone instant messaging platform has been recently updated with an important notification feature. WhatsApp users are now informed, within the threaded conversation, if their contact has read their messages. Until now chat partners could only see if texts where delivered or not. This is a very important addition which ensures that information has reached the eyes of the recipient.

WhatsApp Messenger is very popular amongst iPhone users because it efficiently connects them with contacts that own other types of smartphones, providing a successful alternative to the free built-in iOS iMessage system. This means that you can send free texts and multimedia messages to other smartphone users via your iPhone’s WiFi or carrier data connection.

WhatsApp Message Delivery Notifications
After sending a WhatsApp message you have three status notification possibilities, that update in real time depending on your text’s delivery situation.
1. Grey Tick: is displayed next to your message if your text was sent, left your phone, but did not land yet on the recipient’s device. This means that your chat partner either has no Internet connection at the moment, or that his device is switched off.
2. Double Grey Ticks: mean that the contact has received your message. However, it doesn’t mean that he actually read it too.
3. Blue Ticks: are the new status addition. They confirm that your chat partner has had eye contact with your message and is aware of your information. They avoid potential misunderstandings and awkward miscommunication episodes.

How Does The Blue Tick System Work?
The WhatsApp read message notification ticks are activated only when you open the conversation thread in question. If you receive a WhatsApp message notification on your iPhone, blue ticks are triggered only if you tap on the notification and open the chat screen. Else, if you decline the notification or open WhatsApp via the homescreen shortcut and check other conversations the sender will still only have the ‘Double Grey Ticks’ confirmation.

ios whatsapp lock screen message notificationHow To Avoid Blue Ticks Confirmation
But what if you are the recipient and would like to politely ignore someone? Till now you could use the phony ‘I did not read your message’ excuse. I consider it bogus because the WhatsApp contact status indicator would already partially giveaway your availability, by showing if your currently online or your last recorded WhatsApp visit.
So, if you wish to bypass or delay the ‘Blue Tick’ message confirmation system you simply, have to ignore the message and avoid the specific WhatsApp conversation thread.
iphone message notification centerYou can have your sneak peek with the help of the iOS Message notification feature. If you’re lucky and the text is short enough you can read the entire content in the preview. Else, you have to settle with the first three lines of the message and decide if you wish to politely ignore it or not. If your iPhone’s screen is locked the preview is displayed immediately. Else, if a WhatsApp text lands while you browse, you can pull-down the notification center and read the 3-line preview.
Message previews can be activated by tapping Settings -> Notifications -> Messages. Show Previews and Show on Lock Screen knobs should be ‘ON’.