WhatsApp For iOS Updates With GIF Support For iPhone and iPad

Sending GIF file via WhatsApp

Sending GIF file via WhatsApp.

Graphics Interchange Format or GIF files were prohibited for a long time on the Facebook-owned, popular cross-platform messaging platform. I’m happy to announce you that if you upgraded WhatsApp in the past month, your iPhone or iPad runs a GIF-friendly version. GIFs are those media files that loop a small clip on and on. They usually contain funny, hilarious or significant moments that become addictive when watched repetition after repetition.

Until now Whatsapp users could bypass the lack of Graphics Interchange Format support by saving GIF files as videos. The only problem is that the video would play only once instead of creating that addictive looping effect. With the iOS 10 revamped iMessage system, that even provides a GIF search tool, Whatsapp developers saw themselves forced to import the feature to their third party messaging app for iOS and keep up the pace with competition.

How To Send GIF via WhatsApp
attaching gif file to whatsapp message The looping clips are sent as any other image. That’s if you own the GIF in your CameraRoll.
1. Open the conversation that you want to contribute to and tap on the “+” icon available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
2. Select Photo/Video Library and browse for the animated media file. You can recognize GIF files with the help of the GIF label placed by iOS, on the thumbnail.
3. Add a caption to describe the GIF and hit the blue Send button.

How To Download or Create GIFs on iPhone
downloading gif animation from google images search If you have a funny frame by frame motion in your CameraRoll, use a third party App Store app like ImgPlay Pro to create a GIF in no time.
Else you can search and download an app from Google.com. Open the Images search and tap your keyword followed by the GIF extension. For example, you can search for “simpson dance gif”. Check out the funny loops found for your search terms and choose the one that you like. Tap&hold it until the Save Image option slides in. Your downloaded GIF is stored in the Photos app. Continue with the three steps described above and you’ll be able to send it to your Contacts.