WhatsApp Messenger Adds Free Video Calling Feature To Your iPhone

WhatsApp video call button

WhatsApp Video Call button.

The popular cross-platform messaging app, has just received a software update that enables video calling for iPhone users. WhatsApp 2.16.17 or any newer release allows you to video chat face-to-face with any other users from the world that is saved as a Contact and owns the appropriate version of this messaging app. Practically, the WhatsApp video calling feature is the equivalent of Apple’s FaceTime, the only difference being that WhatsApp is available for both iOS, Android and other desktop operating systems while a FaceTime call can be only placed between iOS or Mac owners.

Don’t expect WhatsApp video calls to be as smooth as FaceTime ones because Apple’s single-platform system can be much better optimized in these conditions, but they are a great solution if you want to watch your friends and loved one in the eyes why talking to them from hundreds or thousands of miles away. The best of it, is that this service is free of charge. Nevertheless, be aware that the data transfer is done via your iPhone’s Internet connection, which means that Mobile Data charges could add up in case you have a limited monthly plan. The best tip is to use WhatsApp video calling while connected to a Wi-Fi network. The quality of your calls will be optimal and most Wi-Fin connections are free of charge!

whatsapp messenger video call update Download WhatsApp With Video Calling Feature
The main condition to be able to watch your call partner while you’re talking with each other is that both of you run an updated WhatsApp Messenger version. Use this official App Store download link to install a video calling-compatible built on your iPhone and recommend your contact to do the same.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time owner or an old WhatsApp user. The link provided above Updates or Installs the latest version of this app on your iOS device.

dialing whatsapp video call via iphone How To Dial A WhatsApp Video Call
1. Open the popular messaging app and search for the Contact that you want to call. You can do it either via the Favorites section , Calls history, Contacts or Chats. Its a matter of habbit. I usually use the Calls view, but if you’re calling someone via WhatsApp for the first time you can do it from the Chats section or the Contacts one.
2. Excepting the Calls section. no matter which other way you opt you’ll end up on the conversation thread between you and the desired contact. Notice in the top-right corner the familiar Call icon, as well as a new Video-Camera icon.
3. Tap it and a video call with the person in question is initiated.

whatsapp video call screen WhatsApp Video Call Facts
– During a call you can switch from the Selfie-camera that is activated by default to the back-facing camera of your iPhone, whenever you wish to share a broader image of your surroundings with your your call partner. This is achieved the same way you do it during a FaceTime call, by tapping the Invert Camera icon available in the bottom area of the screen, towards the left of the Hang Up button.
– If a loud noise is about to unfold, or you need to listen to something and don’t want the person at the other end of the line to hear it, you can Mute your microphone, with the help of the third button available at the bottom of the Ongoing Call screen.
– You can Decline an incoming video call by pressing the red Hang Up icon. This is useful to know in case someone wants to see you and you just got out of the shower or didn’t manage to wake up properly.

Fact: Did you know that WhatsApp has also introduced GIF support?