WhatsApp Messenger Updates With Support For iPhone XS Max

WhatsApp update for iPhone XS Max

WhatsApp update for iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XS Max owners have now one more third-party app that has been updated to match the generous screen real estate. The popular instant-messaging app, owned by Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger for iOS has just received a software update that includes support for the 6.5-inch Apple flagship. Version 2.18.100 update package is around 90 MB large and can be downloaded / updated as usual from the App Store.

Until this release iPhone XS Max owners would deal with a so called blown-up WhatsApp experience. Because the app wasn’t optimized for the big display, it caused the entire interface to bulge and look way bigger than on supported devices. The update allows WhatsApp too look and integrate naturally on the iPhone XS Max display. This results in it being able to display more messages and overall more content on a single screen, without needing to scroll.

long-press whatsapp message for extra options WhatsApp 2.18.100 New Features
– iPhone XS Max compatibility isn’t the only new feature that comes with this WhatsApp software update.
– Voice Message Playback: If you have back-to-back voice messages, find out that they will play in sequence after you press play on the first one. Until now, you had to confirm playback for each audio message in question.
– Long-Press Messages: A new shortcuts menu is available if you long-press a message within a conversation thread. A menu with the following options opens up: Star, Reply, Forward, Copy, Delete.

How To Update WhatsApp On iPhone
All that you have to do is tap here and the official WhatsApp App Store page opens up on your iPhone or iPad. Depending if the app is already installed on your device or not you will see the UPDATE or GET option displayed next to the app’s name. Tap it! In the first case it will simply download and install the new version on the iPhone. Else, you have to acknowledge the purchase and wait until the app is downloaded and installed!

Fact: You think 1 month is too long? Well let’s remember that WhatsApp needed 6 months to support the iPhone 5 screen, when the device was released, back in 2012.

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