Yoga 8 For iOS and Apple Watch

yoga 8 on Apple Watch

Yoga 8 on Apple Watch.

Whenever you feel that iPhone notifications, Apple Watch alerts, prolonged phone calls and all the stress generated by the dynamic lifestyle, promoted by your wearable devices get too overwhelming, take a break from all the agitation and allow yourself a couple minutes of relaxation. Yoga, might be a good idea!?! You don’t have to be an expert to be able to achieve a few important moments of meditation.

The advantage of this breathing technique is that it brings incredible health benefits and can be practiced almost anywhere. You can perform Yoga at home, at your office and even outdoors, when you can find a couple of free moments. Yoga experts agree that only eight minutes of exercising manage to clear your thoughts, raise your self esteem and have a general feeling of wellbeing.

Download Yoga 8 For iPhone & Apple Watch
yoga 8 on app storeThis concept has been packaged by Seedrop in an useful iOS app. The developer has compiled a series of 8-minute-long Yoga workouts that can be performed even by those of us that never entered and hold a pose ever before.
Download and install Yoga 8 from the App Store.
The Sun Salutation program is a general body exercise session available free of charge. If you enjoy your introduction to this unique meditation technique, you can unlock two more workouts for the price of an in-app purchase.

Yoga 8 Features
Although this app also supports Apple Watch integration, the iPhone will be your primary device while exercising. You’re informed about the upcoming pose order via voice-oriented technology. Review the current position by taking a glimpse at your display and check the illustration. Beginners find extended detailed info about each pose.
A great feature is that Yoga 8 syncs with the Health app and provides info about how many calories you burn during an exercise session.

Yoga 8 on Apple Watch
The functions currently available on your wrist gadget are:
– the ability to Pause and Resume an ongoing workout (via Force Touch);
– check the current pose illustration as well as the time left until the position changes.
– workout completion progress is also graphically displayed with the help of a filling ring (native watch OS Activity-app-like artwork).
– real-time updated info about the amount of burned calories.

yoga 8 apple watch icon
yoga 8 ongoing workout apple watch display
yoga 8 apple watch force touch option

How To Use Yoga 8
After you install the software, make sure that it’s also synced to your smartwatch. This is done automatically if you’ve enabled Automatic Downloads, within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Else, open the app and browse to My Watch, scroll for the Yoga 8 label, within the third party application list and tick Show App on Apple Watch.
Open the app and tap the “i” icon available on the Sun Salutation screen. Read the Important Notice for useful Yoga tips and check the 25 poses of the free workout. Step-by-step guides are available for all beginners.
Return to the Sun Salutation home screen and tap Do Workout to begin your yoga exercise session. Each new pose is introduced by a female voice. Rings representing pose duration and total workout length, fill along with your progress. The amount of burned calories is available in the bottom-left corner.
If you’re unsure about how to perform a pose, flick your wrist, open the app on your Apple Watch and press firmly on the screen to pause the workout. Grab the iPhone and tap the Info icon located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, to review the tips for the current position.
Return to your mattress and use Force Touch again, to resume the workout from your smartwatch.

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yoga 8 sun salutation poses
yoga pose step-by-step guide