How To Fix YouTube Videos Not Opening On iPhone (iOS 15)

YouTube Videos not opening in iOS 15

YouTube Videos not opening in iOS 15

Are YouTube videos not opening in app on iPhone since you’ve updated to iOS 15? Does this issue occur when trying to open the first two videos listed in a search result? You tap on the thumbnail, but it’s unresponsive? The video page refuses to open and you can’t play the clip?

YouTube Videos Don’t Open In App On iPhone

A bunch of highly popular third-party apps experience various bugs and glitches in iOS 15.

YouTube is one of them and recent App Store updates haven’t managed to fix an annoying issue that is making videos not clickable in the in app search results.

This iOS 15 YouTube bug has been first reported on Reddit and got lots of confirmations from the community.

We’re also able to replicate this problem, which occurs on various iPhone models including the newly released iPhone 13 and 13 Pro as well as the iPhone 12 models and older.

How To Fix YouTube Videos Not Opening On iPhone

A permanent fix for this bug isn’t available yet as we’re still waiting for an App Store update or new iOS version to solve it.

However, there are a series of workarounds that you can able to make the top search results in YouTube clickable again:

  • 1. Scroll A Little

    how to fix youtube videos not opening
    The easiest way to make YouTube search results clickable is to scroll down the list just a tiny bit, so that the top result doesn’t completely leave the frame. Tap it now and it should open.

  • 2. Open App Switcher

    workaround for youtube videos not working
    Another way to get around unresponsive YouTube search results is to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the App Switcher.

    Next, tap the YouTube card to return to the app and click on the video thumbnail. The taped video should open now. Do they?

  • 3. Lock iPhone

    You can also bypass YouTube videos not opening by locking the iPhone, with the help of the Side Button and unlocking it back right away. Tap the YouTube search result that refused to open. It should load now!

  • 4. Refresh Search

    Another workaround is obtained by pulling down on the YouTube search results to refresh the search. This will fix YouTube videos not opening, but it might not be the ideal solution, because the search algorithm is dynamic!

  • Most likely the search engine will display different results and not the clip that you’ve been wanting to play initially.

  • 5. Save to Watch later

    youtube videos not opening workaround
    Last but not least, you can also tap the three-dots next to the YouTube video title and use the Save to Watch later option. The video will be saved to the list. Tap See List and you can play the clip from there.

Have you managed to fix YouTube videos no opening in iOS 15? Do you have a better solution than the ones provided in this article? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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