Zeroed Out – The Newest Puzzle Game For iPhone

zeroed out puzzle

Zeroed Out Puzzle Game.

In our continuous attempt to support iOS developers at the start of their career, I now introduce you the freshest puzzle game launched, on the App Store, just a few days ago. It’s called Zeroed Out, it’s developed by Seema Datar and you can download it from the App Store. This free app combines common sense logic and math skills to achieve challenging but addictive puzzles. The game is a great choice if you want to break away from your daily thoughts, for a couple of minutes!

Practically you have to move a puzzle piece (the Red Tile), step by step, from the Start corner of the grid, towards the opposite End corner of the board, without being zeroed out in the process. The less time and moves it takes you to complete the puzzle, the higher number of point you’ll score!

Zeroed Out Gameplay
The playing board is a 5 by 5 or 6 by 6 grid, containing 200 puzzles each. You basically have to move the Red Tile from the Start to End point, without zeroing out the nearby tiles. Depending on the grid size you have to navigate between 25 or 36 tiles. You can move the Red Square, horizontally or vertically, one unit at a time. Whenever you drag&drop it on a nearby position, the Red Tile swaps places with it’s neighbor, thus advancing on the grid. The “side effect” of this relocation is that all tiles, in the immediate vicinity, lose 1 point from their face value.

How To Avoid Being Zeroed Out
To solve the puzzle and bring the main tile to the End position, you have to carefully calculate your path in order to prevent any square from the grid, to reach Zero value. As mentioned above each shift drains the value of the adjacent tiles, by 1 point. If you get zeroed out, you lose and have to restart the level.

Zeroed Out Features
zeroed out level completedTime Limit: the difficulty of puzzle solving is increased when there’s time limit for every move. If you pass it, the game is lost and you have to restart and try again. This setting can be tweaked, by pressing the yellow Settings icon on the app’s home screen menu.
Solutions: in case you get stuck with a puzzle you can tap on the Solution button available at the bottom of the screen, to unlock the level. The games comes with 2 free passes. The rest can be acquired by performing an in-app purchase.
Leaderboard: motivate yourself by checking your climb on the Game Center leaderboard, each time you solve a new puzzle!

zeroed out settings Zeroed Out Tips
– As a beginner, adjust the time available between moves. A longer limit allows you more time to analyze the grid and detect the correct path;
– If you move on the edge of the grid, you only drain points from 5 surrounding tiles, compared to 8 squares, while shifting in the middle of the grid;
– Disabling Sounds saves battery and allows you to play the game without disturbing other people nearby.