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Tag: Apple

the original iphone promo

Happy 10th iPhone Anniversary! A Decade Of History!

Exactly ten years ago, Steve Jobs, introduced the iPhone to the world. The Apple keynote that entered the history books was held in San Francisco, on January 9, during the Macworld 2007 exhibition. The iOS device revolutionized the mobile phone technology because it was the first device that combined iPod functionality, with cellular phone capabilities…

iPhone 6s battery replacement

iPhone 6S Free Battery Replacement Program For Unexpected Shutdowns

After a series of iPhone 6s owners have repeatedly reported that their iOS terminals are shutting down out of the blue, Apple has analyzed the claims and officially admits that a certain amount of iPhones that have been manufactured between September and October 2015 might come with a faulty battery. They state that the manufacturing…

Alucable Duo iOS and Android charging cable

Just Mobile AluCable Duo: A Single Cable To Charge iOS & Android Devices

It’s common for families nowadays to own both Apple as well as Samsung and a whole range of brands of smart devices. In same cases even the same individual can own an iPhone and a Samsung tablet or an iPad and a Galaxy or Pixel smartphone. In this case you surly are annoyed by the…

iphone and applecare+

What Is AppleCare+ For iPhone?

vWhen you buy and iPhone the device comes with an 1 year warranty for hardware crashes and 90 days of complimentary support. The hardware warranty is limited and covers manufacturing flaws and any other problems that might appear on your iOS device under normal usage. For example, a battery that isn’t working at normal parameters….