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Category: Accessories

iWalk Trio Extreme 10000 Power Bank for iPhone and iPad

iWalk Extreme Trio 10000 Ultra-Slim Power Bank For iPhone And iPad

No matter how much Apple has progressed in terms of iPhone battery lifetime the need of external power banks seems to be greater than ever. That’s because along with the battery capacity increase, the demand of power resources has simply skyrocketed. iOS devices receive more and more processing power, thus are able to stream and…

Alucable Duo iOS and Android charging cable

Just Mobile AluCable Duo: A Single Cable To Charge iOS & Android Devices

It’s common for families nowadays to own both Apple as well as Samsung and a whole range of brands of smart devices. In same cases even the same individual can own an iPhone and a Samsung tablet or an iPad and a Galaxy or Pixel smartphone. In this case you surly are annoyed by the…

iphone 7 case with stereo speaker holes

Leaked iPhone 7 Cases Confirm Headphone Jack Removal and Stereo Speakers Addition

A new iPhone 7 related leaked video, uploaded by JailbreakingiOS user, shows a Spigen branded iPhone 7 case, as well as a larger model which claims to fit the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. How can this be, you might wonder? The next iPhone generation is scheduled to be released this fall!…

iphone 6s pong low radiation case

Pong Low Radiation Cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Are Now Available

Although we’ve already informed you that most iPhone 6 cases fit on the iPhone 6S, manufacturers have rolled out new protection covers labeled for the latest Apple flagships. They’re only 0.2 mm thicker and 0.1 mm longer, but they’re re-branded as iPhone 6S cases, mainly out of marketing purposes. Most old iPhone 6 cases we’ve…