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Category: TILs

Apple Watch disconnected from iPhone status.

Apple Watch Alert While Exiting The Paired iPhone Range

One very helpful feature that we would love to see on Apple’s smartwatch, is the ability to issue an audio and/or haptic notification, whenever the wearable exits the paired iPhone range. This would be particularly useful for those owners that forget their iOS device in a foreign location, risking to permanently lose their smartphone. An…

Apple ID phishing text message.

Recognize And Block Apple ID Phishing Text Messages

Your Apple ID is one of the most important assets when talking about iPhone, iPad and other products designed by the Cupertino-based tech giant. The Apple ID is one and the same with your iTunes log-in account. Every iOS user owns such a credential in order to be able to connect to the App Store,…

Blank iPhone Home Screen.

How To Set Up A Empty Home Screen On Your iPhone And iPad

If you’re an experienced iPhone user you most likely tried, in the very first iOS versions, to create a blank Home Screen without too much success. I’m talking about an empty Home view that doesn’t host a single app icon. However, this is now possible because Apple has quietly started to allow iOS users to…

iOS 10 'New Contact info found'

The iOS 10 ‘New Contact info found’ Suggestion For Unknown iPhone Numbers

Today it’s about those minor iOS 10 features that make the difference. After checking out the newly added Recent label it’s time to see how the ‘New Contact info found’ feature works. This is practically another function that makes your iPhone proactive. Whenever you receive a text message from an unknown number, that’s a number…