Apple Watch Ultra 2 Features, Specifications, Price & More

apple watch ultra 2 features and specs

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Features and Specs

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has been released alongside the Series 9. This is the second generation of Apple’s premium smartwatch! Check out all the new features and specifications as well as pricing and much more!

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Features

apple watch ultra 2 features
Apple has showcased the main features of this new model in the splash-screen shared above. They include:

  • 1. 36 hours battery life.
  • 2. Double-tap index and thumb for a new gesture that activates the main button of an app and the watchOS 10 functionality.
  • 3. S9 SiP chip.
  • 4. 3000 nits peak outdoor brightness (brightest display ever created by Apple).
  • 5. Customizable Action button.
  • 6. Modular Ultra Watch Face.
  • 7. On-device Siri.
  • 8. Dive up to 40 meters capabilities.
  • 9. -500 to 9000 meters elevation range.
  • 10. Depth session logs.
  • 11. Precision-dual frequency GPS.
  • 12. Precision finding for iPhone.
  • 13. Flashlight boost.
  • 14. New band colors.
  • 15. Carbon neutral.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Colors

This premium color has a single finish for the case. It’s a rugged 49mm titanium case with built-in GPS and cellular connectivity. There are various finishes available depending on the band that you choose:

  • Alpine Loop: Blue, Indigo, Olive.
  • Trail Loop: Green/Gray, Blue/Black, Orange/Beige.
  • Ocean Band: Blue, White, Orange..

Apple Watch 9 vs Ultra 2

Here you can find the differences between the two models:

  • 1. Size: 41 or 45mm vs 49mm.
  • 2. Case: Aluminium / Stainless Steel vs Titanium.
  • 3. Display: Always-On up to 2000 nits vs Always-On up to 3000 nits.
  • 4. SOS Emergency SOS, International emergency calling, Fall Detection and Crash Detection vs all the above + Siren.
  • 5. Water Resistance: Swimproof vs Swimproof + High-speed water sports + Recreational dive (up to 40m).
  • 6. GPS: Standard GPS vs Precision dual-frequency GPS.
  • 7. Apple Watch 9 Battery Life:
    Up to 18 hours vs Up to 36 hours
    Low Power Mode
    Up to 36 hours vs Up to 72 hours.

  • 8. Pricing: from $399 vs from $799.
  • 9. To be updated.
  • Tip: For more detailed specs and an extensive head-to-head comparison between the new Apple Watch models check Apple’s official page.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Specs

Below you can check the unveiling video shared by Apple during the Wonderlust keynote:
Tip: Scroll to minute 28:00 for the Ultra 2 presentation!

Do you plan to upgrade to AW Ultra 2? What’s your current model? Do you have any questions? Share your feedback in the comments!

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