Report iOS 14 Bugs

Report iOS 14 Bugs

No one is perfect and neither is Apple when developing software and hardware for its worldwide consumers. iOS versions always have and will include bugs and glitches no matter how long and professional the beta testing stages are. Same goes for iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS and all other operating systems developed by Apple.

Hardware isn’t perfect either. This is why we encourage you to report to us any bug or problem that you encounter while using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, AirPods or any other Apple smart device.

How Bug Fixing Works

We love to help and don’t ask for anything in exchange. Use our contact page or the form available below, to drop us an email with all details included.

  • 1. Details: Please mention what device you are using, the software version. Then mention when the glitch started happening and if you can determine what’s triggering it. Screenshots are very helpful too.
  • 2. Replicate: Once we receive your inquiry we attempt to replicate the issue on our own test devices and attempt to find a fix or at least an acceptable workaround.
  • 3. Post: Next, we write an article about the problem and share it in our Bug Fixes category. We will also ask the iPhoneTricks.org community to help us with debugging tips. Always multiple feedbacks about the same issue help finding a solution faster.
    Fact: We will also forward the problem to Apple via their feedback page.
  • 4. Fix: All readers will be updated, as soon as an official fix is issued!

Report A Bug

Use this form to send your iOS, watchOS, macOS bug report. You can report hardware issues too, as well as any problem that you encounter with an Apple product: