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chatgpt voice free on iphone

How To Use ChatGPT Voice Free On iPhone And Other Devices

You can use ChatGPT voice free on iPhone and any other iOS or Android device. Greg Brockman, the Co-Founder of OpenAi, has recently announced that voice chat has rolled out as a free feature for all users!…

pipidae will damage your computer popup

Pipidae Will Damage Your Computer? Malware On Mac? (Fix!)

Got a popup informing your that Pipidae will damage your computer? You’re asked to move it to the Trash but the same window pops up again a couple of minutes later? You’re most likely dealing with Pipidae malware on Mac!…

red calculator icons on iphone

Red Calculator Icons on iPhone Instead Of Yellow? (Fixed!)

Is the iPhone calculator red? The icons for math operations have a red background instead of the usual yellow / orange? This is caused by an Accessibility feature! It’s not a big issue and easy fixable in Settings….

WhatsApp on two iPhones with same number

How To Use WhatsApp On Two iPhones With Same Number

Looking for a way to use WhatsApp on two phones with the same number? That’s finally possible no matter if you’re an iOS or Android smartphone user. You can now configure the cross-platform messaging app to run on two devices while using a single phone number!…

las vegas f1 live stream on iphone

How To Watch Las Vegas F1 Live Stream On Your Device (Free?)

Yes, you can watch F1 live online from Las Vegas on any smart device! This is for sure the most popular sports event of the weekend and you can follow it live online on any smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV that’s available in your household! Las Vegas F1 Live Streams The official and recommended…