Category: Bug Fixes

iMessage myself iOS 16 issue

iMessage Myself Not Working in iOS 16? SMS Sent Instead?

Sending an iMessage to yourself not working properly after iOS 16 update? iPhone sends regular SMS instead? Seeing green bubble instead of blue, every time you deliver a text to yourself to save a grocery list or something else important?…

vibration not available iOS 16

Vibration Not Working iOS 16 Issue? Missing From Settings?

Vibration not working on iPhone in iOS 16? Haptics not playing when receiving notifications, during incoming call alerts or when an alarm is ringing? Vibrations stopped working completely after update? Issue persists in 16.1 and 16.1.1?…

screen unresponsive during calls ios 16

Screen Unresponsive During Calls? Unable To End Call: iOS 16

Is your iPhone screen unresponsive during calls? Are you unable to end call after iOS 16 update? Taps and button presses not recognized? Call ends only when the conversation partner hangs up? You’re not alone!…

macOS Ventura printing problems

macOS Ventura Printing Problems? Printer Not Working?

Are you experiencing macOS Ventura printing problems? Printer stopped working after updating to macOS 13 and 13.0.1 versions? Unable to configure printer, drivers missing? You’re not alone. Report your problem here….

sos only ios 16 issue

SOS Only iOS 16 Problem? No Carrier Signal On iPhone? (Fix?)

Seeing SOS Only on iPhone, in the status bar, next to the WiFi icon? Device has no carrier signal, similar to No Service error? It can’t dial or receive regular calls and texts? Issue started after iOS 16 update and continues in 16.1 and 16.1.1?…