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facebook background activity on iphone

How To Stop Facebook Background Activity On iPhone

Are you looking for a way to stop Facebook background app activity on iPhone? You’ve disabled the permission in Settings but FaceBook keeps running in the background and drains the battery of your iOS device?…

downgrade iOS 16.1 to ios 16

How To Downgrade iOS 16.1 Beta To iOS 16.0.2

Are you trying to downgrade iOS 16.1 beta to iOS 16.0.2? You’ve recently updated to the beta version because to fix day-one iOS 16.0 bugs, but Apple has fixed them in iOS 16.0.2 and you want to get back to the public releases?…

downgrade ios 16.0.2 to ios 15.7

How To Downgrade iOS 16.0.2 To IOS 15.7 Without Losing Data

Are you trying to downgrade iOS 16.0.2 to iOS 15.7? You’ve recently updated to iOS 16.0.2 but are still having a hard time with day-one iOS 16 bugs? Fortunately, it’s still possible to downgrade to iOS 15.7 without losing data!…

Facebook Lock Screen widgets iOS 16

Facebook Lock Screen Widget On iPhone In iOS 16 [How To]

Facebook Lock Screen widgets are now available for iPhone in iOS 16! All that you have to do is to update to the most recent Facebook for iOS version, in the App Store, and add the Birthdays or Top Updates glances to the Lock Screen!…

reinstall app on iPhone

How To Reinstall App On iPhone Without Losing Data (Bug Fix)

Do you know that you can reinstall apps on iPhone without losing data? This iOS feature is called app offloading and is very helpful when you need to fresh install an application that crashes, glitches out or doesn’t work as expected….