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iOS 14. 1 Software Update

iOS 14.1 Released With 13 Bug Fixes And Improvements (Email Alias, Widgets & More)

Apple has finally released iOS 14.1 (build number 18A8395), the first important software update, since the initial release of iOS 14. The change log mentions 13 bug fixes and improvements that fix some of the annoying problems that users reported in the past few weeks. Apple appeared to be pushing iOS 14.1 exactly one week…

New Gmail icon on iPhone Home Screen

How To Download New Gmail Icon For iOS, iPadOS And Android

Gmail for iOS has been updated with a new icon. Version 6.0.201004 brings a new look on the Home Screen for Gmail. The popular mail client is now represented by an ‘M’ letter that packs all four colors used by the Google brand: blue, red, yellow and green. The red tone is still predominant, while…

Apple Watch SE Overheating Issue

Apple Watch SE Overheating (HeatGate) Flares Up In South Korea

If you’re an Apple Watch SE owner you have to read this! It appears that a certain batch of the low-cost 2020 Apple Watch is having a manufacturing problem that causes serious overheating! The issue is significant because it bricks the watchOS 7 device!…

iPhone 12 No 5G in Dual SIM

iPhone 12 No 5G In Dual SIM Mode? (Workaround Available!)

Apple has put a lot of accent on the 5G technology that’s built-in to the new iPhone 12 lineup. However, it has now surfaced that the iPhone 12 lineup might not be able to connect to 5G when the Dual SIM mode is enabled. If true, this could be a major setback for users that…

iPhone 12 sold with EarPods in France

Apple Sells iPhone 12 With EarPods In The Box In France

Apple removed the wall charger and the classic EarPods from the iPhone 12 packaging. More, any iPhone from the current 2020 lineup (11, SE 2, XR) is shipped in a thinner, smaller box that doesn’t include the above mentioned accessories….