Are iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors Dynamic Island Compatible?

iphone 14 pro screen protector

iPhone 14 Pro screen protector

You’re looking for an iPhone 14 Pro screen protector but aren’t sure if using one will negatively affect the performance of the new Dynamic Island? That’s a legit question. In this article we analyze if the new notch is screen protector compatible.

Are iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors Dynamic Island Compatible?

Yes, the new notch is compatible with edge-to-edge screen protectors.

If you want to keep the iPhone 14 scratch-free you’ll have to use a screen protector. There’s no reason why it should hamper the performance of the Dynamic Island.

Apple has indeed announced a new high quality selfie camera for the iPhone 14 Pro. The front camera also comes with a neat autofocus feature. However, a second sheet of clear glass (screen protector), won’t affect photo or video quality.

Fact: Most screen protectors available come with 99.99% clarity!

If you’re worried that a screen cover could affect the Dynamic Island touch responsiveness, it shouldn’t be the case. The new notch should has the same touch sensitivity as the rest of the screen.

iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector For Dynamic Island

If you’ve used screen protectors on iPhones before, the new notch should not change your habits.

Apple has shared design chances with accessory manufacturers ahead of time and you can already find lots of iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors.

Some that we recommend are:

  • 1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector (with Auto Alignment Kit) – $15.99 2-pack (Save -5% with coupon)
    Features: Tempered glass, crystal clear, identical touch response, case friendly, 99.99% clarity.
    spigen iphone 14 pro screen
  • 2. Tocol iPhone 14 Pro Privacy Screen Protector (with Installation Frame) – $12.99 2-pack (Save $2 with coupon)
    Features: 25º invisible angle (anti-spy), bubble free, shockproof, 99.99% clarity.
    iphone 14 pro privacy screen protector
  • 3. amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector (Easy Install) – $12.99 2-pack (Save $3 with coupon)
    Features: Dynamic Island compatible, full coverage case compatible, bubble free, shatterproof, 99.99% clarity
    dynamic island compatible screen protector
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(Update, September 19)

iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors With Cutouts

Some manufactures have opted to cut out the pill shape of the new notch. We’ve recently seen a Zagg screen protector applied on an iPhone 14 Pro Max and it doesn’t look that good. What do you think?

Do you plan to apply a screen protector on iPhone 14? Are you already using one and want to recommend it? Share your feedback in the comments.

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