AirPods Max Memes Mock Strange Case, Huge Price & Name

airpods max memes

AirPods Max memes

Apple has announced the AirPods Max, its first over-ear wireless headphones. The strange case, huge price and unexpected name have given plenty of ammunition to jocksters and Apple competitors. As usual, memes mocking these shortcomings have already flooded the social media websites and some are really funny.

Best AirPods Max Memes

1. AirPods Max Bra Meme

airpods max bra case meme

AirPods Max bra-like case meme. Image: Vlad,

By far the most popular jokes about the AirPods Max are related to its case. Apple hasn’t designed its wireless over-ear headset to be foldable and because of this the case comes in a strange shape that looks like a bra or a set of sleep covers.

2. AirPods Max Bra Purse Meme

airpods max bra purse meme

AirPods Max bra purse meme. Source: Twitter

No additional comment required! Or?

3. AirPods Max Sleep Cover Meme

airpods max sleep cover meme

AirPods Max sleep cover meme. Source: Twitter


4. AirPods Max Price Meme

Airpods Max price related meme

Airpods Max price related meme. Source: Twitter

The AirPods Max retail for $549 without cases, which is more than a standard PC, the PS5 gaming console, an average smart TV, the Xbox Series X, a standard notebook, and a good pair of Sony ($278) or Bose ($349) headphones! Is the price justified? Use the comments section and share your thoughts.

5. AirPods Max Name Meme

airpods max meme shows oversized airpods pro

Airpods max meme shows oversized AirPods Pro. | Source: MKBHD Twitter

Following Apple’s naming pattern, AirPods Max would hint to an oversized AirPods Pro earbud, and not to the over-ear headphones.
Fact: Rumors were expecting AirPods Studio as most likely name for the AirPods Max. Which one fits better? Use the comments section and share your thoughts.

Which is your favorite AirPods Max meme? Do you have a better one? Send it to or post a link to it using the comments section and we will update it to the main article!

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