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Unofficial iPhone X renders in all three available colors.

iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Specs Comparison (Unofficial)

We’re hours away from one of the most exciting Apple keynotes in history! The 10th iPhone generation will be unveiled today! Recent leaks have raised the bar really highly especially for the iPhone X model. To make yourself a better idea of the scale of the changes and the state of the art technology that…

iphone 6s plus vs iphone 6s

iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus? Pros and Cons!

The newest Apple flagships reach the hands of their first buyers today! The 2015 iPhones will gradually start to become available for in-store pickups, even for those that don’t have a pre-order. So, it’s time to decide, if you plan to upgrade to the iPhone 6S edition? In case your answer is affirmative, I’ll be…

iphone 6s features and enhancements

10 iPhone 6S Features Promoted By Apple

We’re around one week after the iPhone 6S Keynote and I suggest you to take a look at the way Apple promoted its latest flagships. As expected the spotlights are on the 3D Touch technology, which truly is an impressive innovation and not just a re-branded Force Touch, as some publishers label it. The slogan…