Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Ultra 1 vs Series 9 (10 Upgrades!)

apple watch ultra 2 vs ultra 1

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Ultra 1

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Ultra 1 and have 10 differences! Check out the upgrade and decide if it’s worth to update or not! You can also find a head-to-head comparison of the Ultras with the new Series 9 models!

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Ultra 1

The AW Ultra 1 has been discontinued, but you can still grab it for discounted prices at various resellers. However, is the Ultra 2 worth the full price?

There are 12 upgrades that you should convince you to go for the flagship:

  • 1. 30% Faster Chip – The S9 chip available on the Ultra 2 is based on the A15 Bionic chip and packs 60% more transistors, being able to run 30% faster than the S8 (based on A13 Bionic) available on the Ultra 1!
  • 2. 4-core Neural Engine – available on the AW Ultra 2 is twice (2x) as fast as the Neural Engine chip available on its predecessor
  • 3. Second-generation Ultra Wideband chip – on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 allows Precision Finding when paired with an iPhone 15 model! The watch is able provide distance, direction and visual, haptic, and audio guidance to a missing iPhone.

    Fact: The second-gen Ultra Wideband chip also brings HomePod integration to the Apple Watch. The Now Playing screen is displayed on the Apple Watch when the user comes in a 4m-range from a HomePod.

  • 4. Extra Brightness – The Ultra 2 is able to display up to 3,000 nits of brightness. It packs Apple’s brightest display ever, up from the maximum 2,000 nits available with the Ultra 1!
  • 5. More Storage – The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has 64GB of storage capacity. That’s twice as much as the Ultra!
  • 6. Double Tap gesture – that triggers the main button within apps and the OS. It can be used answer and end phone calls, play and pause music, stop timers, snooze alarms, take photos with the Camera Remote and more.
  • 7. On-device Siri – is available on the Ultra 2. This is available for request that don’t need info from the internet. Responses are quicker and more reliable when compared to the initial model that’s cloud dependent and always requires an internet connection.
  • 8. Siri Health And Fitness Data – is available on the Ultra 2. That’s not the case for the initial model!
  • 9. Better Flashlight – the AW Ultra 2 packs a more powerful flashlight, which can be boosted from the Digital Crown.
  • 10. More Accurate Dictation – is available on the second Apple Watch Ultra generation. 25% more accurate according to Apple!

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Series 9

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Series 9
The differences between the premium version and the standard models are highlighted here:

  • 1. Size: 49mm vs 41 or 45mm.
  • 2. Case: Titanium vs Aluminium / Stainless Steel .
  • 3. Display: Always-On up to 3,000 nits vs Always-On up to 2,000 nits.
  • 4. SOS Emergency SOS, International emergency calling, Fall Detection, Crash Detection and Siren vs No Siren.
  • 5. Water Resistance: Swimproof + High-speed water sports + Recreational dive (up to 40m) vs Swimproof.
  • 6. GPS: Precision dual-frequency GPS vs Standard GPS.
  • 7. Apple Watch 9 Battery Life:
    Up to 36 hours vs Up to 18 hours
    Low Power Mode
    Up to 72 hours vs Up to 36 hours.

  • 8. Pricing: from $799 vs from $399.
  • Tip: For more detailed specs and an extensive head-to-head comparison between the new Apple Watch models check Apple’s official page.

What do you think about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 new features? Do you plan to upgrade from Ultra 1 or from an older model? Have any questions? Share your feedback in the comments!

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