How To Enable Apple Music In-App Notifications For New Releases

Apple Music new in-app notifications splash screen

Apple Music new in-app notifications splash screen.

Apple has recently updated its native iOS Music app with support for in-app notifications in case of new album and song releases. These notifications are triggered if an artist, that you follow, releases a new album or a new track. The notifications are displayed in-app only, at the top of the Library tab. Yes, Apple Music offered notifications before, but they’ve never been reliable and came with annoying delays. Only time will tell if this update makes them really useful.

This new feature is announced with a splash screen called “See new music from artists you like”, when you open the app the first time after the release. However, if you already dismissed it without taking advantage of the new feature, read on how to manually enable the new Apple Music in-app notifications. First though, make sure that you run the latest version of the app. Open the App Store and make sure that Apple Music is up to date on your iOS device!

How To Activate Apple Music In-App Notifications
how to trigger new music notifications in Apple Music 1. Open the Apple Music app from your iPhone’s Home Screen.
2. Tap on the “For You” tab.
3. Next, tap on your profile picture available in the top-right corner of the screen.
4. Select “Notifications.”
5. Turn on the toggle next to “New Music”.
6. Also enable the “Show in Library” toggle!

Fact: The new notifications will appear under the form of a banner at the top of the Library tab, as demoed in the nearby image.

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