WWDC 2023 Live Blog (Keynote Live Stream Available Too!)

wwdc 2023 live blog

WWDC 2023 live blog

Welcome to the WWDC 2023 live blog! Join us starting from 10am PDT or the equivalent time in your location and find out everything that Apple previews and unveils during the keynote!

WWDC 2023 Keynote Replay

Here is the full replay of today’s keynote:

WWDC 2023 Live Blog

If you’re working, driving or are simply unable to follow a live stream and the time of broadcast this live blog might be useful!

We’re updating this section in real-time as Apple previews or unveils new software and hardware:

  • 12:06pm – WWDC23 keynote has concluded! Thanks for following us! Share your thoughts in the comments!
  • 12:04pm Apple Vision Pro ad is being played!
  • 12:03pm Time Cook summarizes today’s keynote!
  • 12:01pm – 5000 invention patterns filled by Apple for Vision Pro.
    Price: $3499! Will be available early next year on Apple.com in the US and other countries later on!
  • 11:59amOptic ID the new authentication system of  Vision Pro! Works with Apple Pay.
  • 11:52am visionOS is the name of the Apple Vision Pro VR / AR headset. The first operation system designed for spatial computing.
    – The start of an entire new platform
    – visionOS third-party apps are previewed.
    – lots of iOS and iPadOS apps will be available on Vision Pro from day one.
    – brand new App Store for visionOS with exclusive apps and supported iOS and iPadOS apps.
  • 11:45am –  Vision Pro hardware presentation: Frame, lens, flexible straps, with adjustment dial.
    – Up to 2 hours of battery life, all-day usage with external battery.
    Technology: Displays – 23 millions pixels across two panels.
    Audio: Ambient spatial audio.
    – Sensors:
    – Chips: R1 & M2 eliminate lag.
  • 11:40am – Disney partners with Apple to maximize the  Vision Pro experience.
  • 11:35am –  Vision Pro panorama photos taken on your iPhone expand in life size.
    Capture Spatial photo or Spatial video with a press of a button.
    – Dims the surrounding lights and surrounds you with spatial audio.
    – The most majestic viewing experience ever.
    – This environment let’s you focus fully on the movie.
    – Favorite movies from AppleTV+ will be available on Vision Pro.
    – 3D movies in Vision Pro.
    – Play your favorite Apple Arcade games, with game controller support.
  • 11:30am –  Vision Pro makes your entire world as a canvas for apps
    – Safari
    – Turn head to change view from one app to another.
    – Receive a 3d object in messages. You can pull it out and analyze it better.
    – Works seamlessly with other Apple Bluetooth accessories like Magic Trackpad.
    – FaceTime becomes spatial. Join a group call and see everyone life size
  • 11:25am –  Vision Pro – Home view is in front of you.
    – Scale apps and place them anywhere you want them in your space.
    – New apps occupy new spaces.
    – Apps can expand fully into your space, for example during a Mindfulness sessions.
    – Environments extend and transform your space. Turn the Digital Crown to control the level of immersion.
    –  Vision Pro relies on your eyes, hands and voice. Browse the system by looking. Every graphical icon has the sense of vitality. Combination of hands and eyes together.
    – Look at the search field and start dictating
    – Vision Pro displays your eyes when someone is nearby. When someone is nearby they appear in your view. It seamlessly blends the physical and the digital pro.
  • 11:22am – Tim Cook unveils Apple Vision Pro. Introduces us to spatial computing!
    Control Vision Pro with eyes, fingers.
  • 11:21am – iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma 14, watchOS 10, tvOS 17 Developer Beta available today. Public beta in July, Public release this fall.
  • 11:15amApple Watch and Health:
    Mental Health: Use the digital crown to choose how you are feeling in the Mindfulness app. Log your state of mind directly on your iPhone if you don’t own an AW. Depression rank suggest if you need to talk to a specialist.
    Vision Health: Apple Watch can measure the amount of time that a child has spent outside. This will decrease the risk of Myopia. Screen Distance will help childs and adults to reduce eye straining.
  • 11:05amwatchOS 10: Turn the Digital Crown to reveal widgets.
    – Long-press to add a widget to the smart stack.
    – World Clock features dynamic background colors to reflect the time of day.
    – Activity app with corner icons for easier access. Rotating the digital crown brings new full screen views for Move, Stand etc.
    – 2 New Watch Faces: Pallet, Snoopy and Woodstock Watch Face (play with the watch hands, play with the weather conditions, etc.)
    Cycling new features: Apple Watch can connect to Bluetooth readers, allowing the watch to estimate your FTP. This generates power zones. | Cycling workouts from AW show as Live Activities on iPhone for a better overview of your workout!
    – Hiking: in watchOS 10 compass generates two new waypoints including Cellular and SOS, so that you know where you last had coverage.
    New APIs for developers that can detect acceleration. Twist pronation in tennis, wrist twist in golfing, etc.
  • 11:03amtvOS 17: completely redesigned Control Center.
    – Use iPhone to locate Siri remote.
    Memories as screensaver.
    FaceTime is coming to Apple TV with the help of continuity camera. (requires iPhone or iPad). Works with Center Stage. Interact using gestures.
    – Zoom and Webex coming to tvOS 17 by the end of the year!
  • 10:57amAudio & Home
    – AirPods: Adaptive Audio blends dynamically ANC with TM. Helps you focus on your favorite music or podcasts. Quickly mute and unmute yourself during a call.
    – AirPlay: AirPlay in hotels. Scan Qr code and tap the confirmation. To be available in select hotels before the end of the year.
    – SharePlay to Car. Auto suggestion to join to the listening session.
  • 10:54am – Safari – world’s fastest browser.
    Privacy. Locks browser window when you’re not using it/. blocks trackers from loading. Share Passwords & Passkeys with family.
    Profiles – help you separate your accounts for the same website.
    Web apps in Dock on Mac. Work with notifications, Stage Manager and more.
  • 10:52am – Video Conferencing: Presenter overlay (small overlay and large overlay). Reactions to express your feelings. Trigger effects with gestures. Works with FaceTime, Zoom, Teams and more.
  • 10:50amDeath Stranding Director’s Cut on Mac previewed.
  • 10:48am – Metal 3 improves gaming experience. Audio latency lowered for AirPods. Increased in-game responsiveness with Game Mode. Game Porting Toolkit.
  • 10:46am – Widgets on Mac available on the Desktop. Widgets fade into the background. Widgets are tinted based on the wallpaper. Widget gallery allows you to add more widgets. Continuity allows you to import widgets from iPhone to Mac. No need to install apps on Mac to use the widgets. Widgets on the Mac are interactive!
  • 10:44am macOS Sonoma 14: New screensavers with slow motion videos of places of around the world.
  • 10:43am iPadOS 17More Features: Stage Manager more flexibility. Built-in camera on your external display gets more functionality & more.
  • 10:42am Notes able to handle PDFs. Multiple PDFs in the same note. PDFs & Notes can be easily used with collaborations.
  • 10:41am – PDF improvements: Autofill to quickly fill fields in a PDF. Works on documents you scan with a camera. Sign with your saved signature or create a new one with Apple Pencil.
  • 10:40am – Health app on iPadOS 17: Interactive charts, HealthKit for iPad.
  • 10:39am – Live Activities for iPad Lock Screen similar to iPhone + Multiple timers.
  • 10:37am
  • Lock Screen personalization for iPad, similar to iPhone. Astronomy wallpaper has been optimized (can be personalized). Adjust time font, color, weight. Left sidebar for widgets.

  • 10:35amiPadOS 17: Interactive widgets on Home Screen (quick interactions). Start playing an album with the Music widget, or turn on lights in the Home widget.
  • 10:35am – iOS 17 Features: Siri instead of Hey Siri (+ back-to-back commands).
  • 10:32am – Standby Mode for iPhone (imported from Apple Watch). Easy to personalize. Widgets stack with Current Weather, Home controls, Schedule, Live Activities. Standby adapts to low light, using a red tone.
  • 10:30am – Journal a new app coming to iPhone. Device can create personalized entries for your journal. Suggestions API for Developers. Mark important journal entries. Stay consistent with the help of notifications. All data is fully encrypted
  • 10:28am – Keyboard & Dictation: Autocorrect more accurate than ever. Better support as you type. Quickly revert back to the autocorrected word. Predictions inline as you type for word or sentence (spacebar activates it). Dictation more accurate than ever.
  • 10:26amAirDrop: NameDrop allows quick and easy sharing of your contact. Works with iPhone and Apple Watch to. Bring iPhones together to trigger AirDrop after selecting files. SharePlay also made easier.
  • 10:18amiOS 17: Major updates to Phone, FaceTime and Messages.
    – personalized contact posters (photo and emoji), part of the contact card, customizing posters works similar with Lock Screen customization. Calls will stand out in a new way.
    – Live Voicemail – live transcript in realtime as they speak. You can pick up the call. Voicemail appears live on the screen.
    FaceTime: record a message if contact won’t answer.
    Messages: Addition of Search filters. Catch-up arrow.
    – Audio messages are transcribed.
    Location sharing directly in the conversation.
    Check In feature to let contacts now if you arrived home safely.
    New Design: new menu, brand new sticker experience. Live stickers tab. You can create a sticker out of any photo or live photo. Add effects to live stickers. React to messages with stickers. Stickers are available system-wide, including third-party apps.
  • 10:14am – Mac Pro with Apple silicon: M2 Ultra (3x faster than Intel based Mac Pros) – supports up to 24x 4k camera feeds. (Starts at $6999.)
  • 10:09amMac Studio‘s first big update: M2 Max Apple silicone chip (25% faster performance, 50% faster rendering) & M2 Ultra doubles the performance of M2 Max. 30% faster GPU, 40% faster neural engine than M1 Ultra. (most powerful created for a personal computers)
  • 10:04am The Mac starts the proceedings! 15-inch MacBook Air confirmed by Apple! Presetned as the world’s best 15-inch laptop!
    Features: 11.5mm thin, headphone jack, two thunderbolt ports, 1080p camera for video calls, 6 speakers for immersive spatial audio, M2 chip, up to 18 hours battery life.
    Software: Universal Clipboard.
  • 10:03am – Tim Cook promises some of the biggest announcements ever at WWDC!
  • 10:00am – WWDC23 keynote is underway! 551,972 viewers watching the YouTube stream!
  • 9:59am – Intro starts. (Ambiental music and WWDC23 logo animates on the screen.)
  • 9:58am – Live in 2 minutes!

WWDC 2023 Live Stream

If you have the time, you can watch the keynote yourself with the help of the YouTube live stream embedded below:
This live coverage has ended. Full replay is available below.

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