3 Ways To Increase Your iOS Visual Experience

ios normal vs bold font

iOS Normal vs Bold Font

iOS have recently introduced a few features that can considerably improve visual comfort when using your iPhone or iPad. Of course, that I’m not talking about the Brightness setting which is familiar to all of us. I’m referring to a few legibility tweaks that allow you to ‘Bold’, ‘Size Up’ and/or ‘Increase Contrast’ to make the iOS texts easier to read.

These Accessibility features are welcomed by most users that need glasses to correct their vision and surly by all iPhone owners that are visually impaired. Apple have designed an ingenious dynamic type engine for iOS that has the capability of altering fonts, without magnifying other interface elements. All Apple apps will react to these settings, as well as those apps from the App Store that are specially designed to support dynamic type framework.

How is iPhone or iPad Legibility Increased?
Bold basically thickens the text so it makes letter and numbers easier to read by increasing the contrast.
Furthermore, contrast can be additionally bettered with iOS Accessibility features like Darken Colors, Reduce Transparency or Reduce White Point.
Larger text obviously helps because it makes wording easier to read. The important difference between these features and the traditional Zoom option is that only text is enhanced. Other interface elements aren’t magnified.

iphone bold accessibility feature1. Bold iOS Fonts
To thicken the text on your iPhone or iPad display, visit Settings, tap on General and scroll for Accessibility. Here you have the Bold ON/OFF knob. Do note that enabling the Bold feature, requires your iOS device to restart. You’ll be prompted to accept the restart, or have the option to cancel it and tweak this setting when you’re ready.
Enlarge the top image of this post to notice the difference between normal and bold iOS fonts.

ios larger text setting2. Larger Text for Better Legibility
To increase font size on your iPhone you need to follow the same menu branch, until you reach the Accessibility screen. Here tap on Larger Text and you have the option to tweak text size, by using the slider, which is now available on the bottom part of your screen. If the maximum size is still not enough, you have the option to enable the ‘Larger Accessibility Sizes’ knob. Even bigger fonts become available. Smaller sizes really don’t come in question because, I the standard setting is pretty well customized.

ios increase contrast feature3. Increase Contrast For Better Visual Experience
The Accessibility menu comes with 3 settings that can improve the contrast of your iOS device. Tap on Increase Contrast to unveil your options. First up is the Reduce Transparency feature which has the role to fill transparency and increase legibility on transparent backgrounds. Contrast can be also increased by darkening colors and making them more distinct and readable. Reducing the white point results in a dimmer display with a reduced intensity of bright colors.