4 Ways To Control iPhone Display Brightness

Siri adjusting iPhone brightness

Siri adjusting iPhone’s screen brightness.

Brightness defines the intensity of your iPhone’s screen display. It has a very important role in your user experience, when it comes to allowing your eyes to have a pleasant experience while interacting with your iOS device. In the same time, Brightness is one of the main factors that determines how much power your smartphone sucks up from its battery when the screen is lit. This is why it’s important to know how to properly set up your iPhone’s brightness level.

Display Brightness Facts
A proper brightness set up for your phone’s display won’t strain your eyes. This means that according to the ambient light, the iPhone’s display shouldn’t be too bright in order to extra tired your eyes, nor to dark in order to demand additional strain from your eyes to read the information displayed on the screen. Battery wise of course, the brighter the screen the more power is drained.

iPhone Ambient Light Sensor
Good news is that you’ll get a lot of help from your iOS device. We’re talking about smartphones here and this is why your iPhone comes with an ambient light sensor. The ALS has the role to scan and asses the surrounding light intensity. iOS analyzes its data and is able to automatically adjust the iPhone’s display brightness, to provide optimal user experience. The light and proximity sensors are successfully used to determine when you bring your iPhone to your ear. In this case iOS closes the display and deactivates the touchscreen to save battery life and prevent accidental inputs.

How To Control iPhone Brightness
As Apple continuously developed iOS, introducing more and more features, one can use several ways to control the iPhone display brightness:
iphone auto-brightness setting1. Automatic Brightness
The most easy way is to let your iPhone do the trick. This means switching the Auto-brightness feature ON. This will let iOS determine and adjust your display with the proper luminosity level, with the help of the ambient light sensor. To activate this option, tap on ‘Settings’ scroll for ‘Display & Brightness’ and switch Auto-Brightness ‘ON’. Great is also that you can overrule the automatic setting whenever you feel that you brightness needs some manual adjustment.

ios control center brightness setting2. via Control Center
Another way to adjust Brightness is the settings bar available on the Control Center screen. Simply swipe a finger up from the bottom of your screen and the iOS quick access menu will glide into the screen. Now, you can simply move the brightness knob to the left or right in order to light up or dim the display. Make sure that Control Center is available within Apps and on Lock Screen to. This is achieved by visiting ‘Settings’ -> ‘Control Center’.

Siri adjusting brightness level3. Ask Siri
You can also modify your iPhone’s brightness by using Siri. Simply call your iOS virtual assistant and ask her to dim or lighten the screen for you. For faster results you can use the Hey Siri shortcut and then input a voice command like: ‘Brighten screen please’, ‘Increase brightness’, ‘Dim screen please’. Siri, will increase or decrease brightness by one scale unit depending on your command. If you ask for ‘Maximium brightness’ you will have your screen shine as bright as possible. Ask for ‘Minimum brightness’ if you want it as dark as possible.

ios zoom settings menu4. Home Button Shortcut
This is probably the coolest way of controlling your iPhone’s brightness. If you’re caught of guard and in desperate need of saving battery, you can apply one extra trick of darkening your screen at unprecedented levels. Follow the next steps and you’ll be able to dim or brighten your display, by triple-pressing your phone’s Home button.
Step 1: Tap into ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ -> ‘Accessibility’ -> ‘Zoom’. Enable the Zoom option.

ios low light zoom filterStep 2: Triple-tap your iPhone’s screen using, three fingers simultaneously. This gesture triggers and additional Zoom settings menu.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Choose Filter’ and select ‘Low Light’. This means that your iPhone’s display will additionally run in low brightness mode when enabling ‘Zoom’. This extra dimming is performed on top of your regular brightness control, which means that if you have your display on minimum, additional darkening is achieved by using this trick.

iphone brightness home button shortcutStep 4: To complete the trick, return to the ‘Accessibility’ menu and scroll all the way down, until you reach ‘Accessibility Shortcut’. Select ‘Zoom’ as preferred shortcut.

Step 5: Now, you can instantly darken your display, whenever you want, no matter what screen you’re on, by triple-clicking the Home Button. Re-press the shortcut for normal brightness.