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iOS 16 Beta 5

iOS 16 Beta 5 Problems, Features, Release Notes & More

Apple has released iOS 16 Beta 5 build number 20A5339d for Developers. This update brings more changes and new features to the upcoming iOS generation. Problems and glitches aren’t missing either. Check out or extended review and contribute with your own experience….

App Library Customization

How To Customize App Library Categories On iPhone (Trick!)

Do you know that you can customize App Library categories on iPhone or iPad, although there’s no specific setting for it? There’s a tweak allows you to indirectly edit folders and set which apps show up as suggested in each category….

AirPods settings on iPhone

New AirPods Settings On iPhone In iOS 16 (How To)

AirPods Settings on iPhone and iPad are much easier to access in iOS 16. A distinct AirPods menu becomes available at the top of the Settings home screen. It provides quick customization for AirPods features and setup….

iOS 15.6 update

iOS 15.6 Problems, Issues? Should I Update? New Features?

Apple has released iOS 15.6 build number 19G71. It comes with enhancements, bug fixes and security updates. However, new versions can also include fresh issues and iOS 15.6 problems reported are pilling up! Check our extended review and contribute with your own feedback….

check WiFi Password on iPhone

How To Check WiFi Password On iPhone And iPad In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can quickly show WiFi Passwords on iPhone. This is useful if you want to share it with another non-Apple device that isn’t compatible with the seamless Wi-Fi password sharing system implemented by Apple accross iOS, iPadOS and macOS….