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Tag: iOS

apple id phishing attempt via text message

New Apple ID Phishing Attempt Received Via Text Message By iPhone Users

Although the iOS environment is renown as being the most secure operating system available on the smartphone market, your iPhone’s and iPad’s security isn’t impenetrable, especially when human action is involved. If you stick to the game plan and only install apps from the App Store, avoid jailbreaking your device and don’t fall into phishing…

colorcube free app of the week

Colorcube Is App Store’s Free App Of The Week 32

Apple has just updated it’s App Store promo known as Free App of the Week, with the Colorcube visual puzzle game. The software is developed by Next Apps BVBA and is tailored for both iPhone and iPad. Every Thursday, a new app goes free for a week to allow worldwide iOS fans to enjoy premium…

Skype PayPal payment demo on iPhone

Skype For iOS Updates With PayPal Send Money Feature

Skype, the popular VoIP (Voice over IP) app for your iPhone and iPad has just updated with a new feature to reflect its most recent partnership with PayPal. Users from 22 countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada are able to send peer-to-peer payments, via the popular online payment processor, to their online…

app store midsummer sales

30+ Apps And Games Gone Free Or Heavily Discounted To Celebrate Midsummer (Save $101)

A huge number of App Store apps have gone free or are heavily discounted these days. The sale celebrates Midsummer, better know as St. John’s Day or the summer solstice. We received a lot of info emails from developers signaling a large number of software sales. This allowed us to sum up a collection of…