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Tag: iOS

how to download facebook videos to iphone

How To Download Facebook Videos To Your iPhone’s Photos App For Offline Playback

Facebook doesn’t provide an option to save videos for offline watching no matter if we speak about their iOS app, Android app or even regular desktop website. This makes sense, of course, because they want to promote sharing, maintain viewers on their network and avoid copyright infringements. However, they also don’t provide a Youtube-like “Save…

iphone playing youtube video in the background

How To Listen To Youtube Videos In The Background In iOS 11

Even if it sounds simple and it actually is a piece of cake in terms of software availability, playing Youtube videos in the background of your iPhone and iPad is nowadays more difficult than ever. Apple has taken care of patching the trick that allowed us to play Youtube music in the background with the…

touch id temporarily disabled on iphone

Trick To Temporarily Disable iPhone Touch ID In Case Of Emergency

Unlocking an iPhone is currently done with the help of the user’s fingerprint. However, whenever the phone restarts, iOS will first ask for the device’s Passcode before allowing you to unlock with the help of the Touch ID technology. However, there might be some delicate moments when you would prefer to disable fingerprint authentication, especially…

home-button less iphone 8

6 New Commands For Usual Functions In The Home Button-less iPhone 8

As the 2017 Apple flagships are fast approaching the release date, there are quite a few things that have to be clarified. Starting with the denomination, which can be anything from the iPhone 8, X or Edition and continuing with a whole range of commands and gestures that will be reorganized because of the edge-to-edge…