Apple Watch Series 7 vs 6 Side By Side Screen Comparison

Apple Watch Series 7 comparison

Apple Watch Series 7 comparison

The Apple Watch Series 7 units have started to arrive today to the early pre-orderers. Many Apple stores have it available for pickup and the first real life pictures have emerged on the Internet. A comparison of the Apple Watch 7 vs 6 side by side has become an instant hit!

Apple Watch 7 vs 6 Side By Side

Apple Watch 7 vs 6 side by side
This image was initially posted on Twitter shows a huge difference between the screen real estate of the Series 7 versus Series 6.

Important: In terms of numbers the AW 7 packs 20% more screen real estate than the AW 6 and 50% more screen area than the AW Series 3.

Fact: The biggest difference is made by the Apple Watch 7 reduced bezel size. The new watch has a bezel thickness of 1.7 mm while the Series 6 is 3 mm thick!

If you’re hesitating wether to update to or not this side by side comparison will surly persuade you to go for the 2021 Apple Watch!

Apple Watch 7 vs 6 vs 3 Side By Side

Apple Watch 7 vs 6 vs 3
For and even more convincing comparison, check out another screen comparison that was posted on Reddit.

It depicts a side by side comparison between the Apple Watch Series 7, Series 6 and Series 3. However, this comparison is a bit forced because the biggest AW 3 came in the 42 mm size, while the AW 6 measures 44 mm and the latest Apple Watch 7 is 45 mm large!

Apple Watch Series 7 Extras

Excepting the visible screen size differences the 2021 AW flagships comes with the following benefits when compared to the Series 6:

  • Bigger sizes 41mm and 45mm (vs 44mm and 40 mm and 42mm vs 38mm).
  • Full keyboard for text input with QuickPath support.
  • Longer all-day battery life.
  • Fast charging (0 to 80% in 45 minutes) with the new USB-C cable included in the box.
  • Always-on Retina display that’s 80% brighter indoors.
  • Series 7 exclusive Watch Faces!

Do you plan to buy the Apple Watch Series 7? Which features convinced you to upgrade? Did we leave something out? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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