How To Broadcast Live Together With A Friend On Instagram

go live with a friend on instagram

Go live with a friend on Instagram.

Instagram has just updated its iOS app with a new feature that allows two users to simultaneously broadcast live from their iPhone and co-host a show. This functionality is available cross-platform, which means that an iPhone owner can go live with a friend that’s owning an Android device and vice-versa. This is a great way of adding diversity to your broadcast and also increase your reach, as both yours and your friend’s followers will be able to watch the broadcast.

When you Go Live With a friend, the live stream window is split in two, vertically, displaying a joint live feed of the two broadcasters. The first of the hosts that starts airing live is placed at the top, while the co-host is displayed in the bottom half of the screen. All that you have to do is upgrade to Instagram 20.0 or later and follow the steps described below!

5 Steps To Go Live With A Friend On Instagram
how to go live with a friend on instagram 1. Open the Instagram app from your iPhone’s Home screen.
2. Launch the Camera. Either swipe-right from anywhere while viewing your feed, or tap the Camera icon, available in the top-left corner of the screen.
3. Tap the Live tab, available in the bottom menu of the viewfinder.
4. Next, hit the Start Live Video button and your broadcast is ongoing.
5. To let a friend join your show, tap Add (available at the bottom, near the comment field) and select his or her name, from the Go Live With list. An invite is sent. If the contact accepts the screen splits vertically and the invitee is added at the bottom.
Fact: You can invite only a friend that’s currently watching your broadcast.

Instagram ‘Go Live With A Friend’ Facts
– Your co-host can exist the broadcast anytime they don’t want to continue.
– You can also remove your friend from the show by tapping the “x” available in the top-right corner of the bottom section of the screen.
– Anyone who follows you or your friend’s Instagram can join and watch the broadcast.
– The viewers can like and comment in real-time, while the broadcast is unfolding. The number of viewers is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen, while the comments are available at the bottom.
– After the live broadcast ends, you can choose to share it as a Story.