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HBO Max Streaming video to another display error

HBO Max Streaming Video To Another Display Error (Fixed!)

Are you getting the Streaming video to another display / device error when trying to watch HBO Max content on your iPhone or iPad? Does the issue occur when you connect your AirPods, to listen to audio or any other Bluetooth headphones?…

Spotify music streaming on Apple Watch

How To Stream Music On Apple Watch With Spotify (Without iPhone)

You can finally stream music on Apple Watch with Spotify without needing your iPhone around. This change has been awaited ever since Spotify for watchOS was first released, back in 2018. After an initial testing phase, standalone music streaming via Spotify on Apple Watch is now rolling out for worldwide users….

Netflix 4k price increase timeline

Netflix Price Increase For Premium 4K HDR Plan ($2 Hike!)

The sales time of the year is approaching, but Netflix decided to go against the flow! The company has increased the prices of its high resolution content streaming services by $2 per month! This means that the Premium 4K + HDR plan now retails for $17.99 / month instead of $15.99. The Standard (1080p) plan…

spotify winter holidaysSpotify winter holidays 3-month subscription deal.

Spotify And Apple Music Offer Discounted Subscriptions During Holiday Sales

The two biggest music streaming platforms for mobile devices have launched promotional campaigns aimed to attract new and returning customers during the 2017 winter holidays. Spotify is currently the leader topping over 100 million active monthly users and is now offering a 3-months subscription for $0.99. Nevertheless, you have to be a first time user…

go live with a friend on instagram

How To Broadcast Live Together With A Friend On Instagram

Instagram has just updated its iOS app with a new feature that allows two users to simultaneously broadcast live from their iPhone and co-host a show. This functionality is available cross-platform, which means that an iPhone owner can go live with a friend that’s owning an Android device and vice-versa. This is a great way…