How To Get 30% Cheaper Ray-Ban Glasses With Apple Pay

Apple Pay 30% promotion for Ray-Ban glasses

Apple Pay 30% promotion for Ray-Ban glasses.

Apple Pay attempts to enlarge its user base by providing discounts to famous brands on a regular basis. This week the 30% discount deal for original Ray-Ban sunglasses has caught our eyes. If you use Apple’s mobile payment system to pay for a new pair of glasses you can save at least $30. That’s simply because Ray-Ban is a premium brand and glasses usually retail for more than $100.

This Apple Pay deal works for both Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses. offers a “Custom Lab” that allows buyers to create personalized glasses. You can choose from 37 different frame styles. There are more than 149 lens types and over 290 color choices. Shipping is free and if you’re not satisfied with the end product, you can also benefit from free returns.

How To Buy Discounted Ray-Ban Glasses With Apple Pay
1. Make a custom order directly on the website. (Link here)
2. Use promo code APPLEPAY at checkout.
3. Pay with Apple Pay.
Important: Submit the order until June 3, 2020.

Are you a frequent Apple Pay user? Did you catch other Apple Pay promotions? Do you intend to purchase Ray-Ban glasses? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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