How To Get YouTube Kids On Your Apple TV

YouTube Kids now available on Apple TV

YouTube Kids now available on Apple TV.

YouTube’s version made specially for kids has been updated in the App Store with compatibility for Apple TV. This means that you can now download and install the YouTube Kids app on your tvOS device and gain easier access to the media platform. This update will be surly welcomed by lots of parent, as kids are spending more time than ever at home nowadays, sheltering themselves from the new coronavirus.

YouTube Kids is packed with an advanced filtering system combined with human review in order to provide family-friendly content to the little ones. Parent feedback is also available to determine which videos are safe for kids. The app also includes parental controls that provide an additional layer of filtering. The app can be configured to play only content pre-approved by parents. Limitations with the help of age-level ratings is also available. On top of that parents also dispose of screen time limitations and video or entire channel blocking options.

How To Use YouTube Kids On Apple TV
1. Download and Install the app from the App Store of your Apple TV. (Direct link: here)
2. Sign in with your Google account.
Fact: If you used YouTube Kids before on the same account the parental controls and settings will be imported to your new Apple TV app.
3. Use Siri to open YouTube Kids on your Apple TV with the help of the remote control.

Fact: YouTube Kids is compatible with 4K (fifth-gen) and HD (fourth-gen) Apple TV models. The app also comes with Siri integration.

The only annoying part are the ads, but you have to learn to get along with them as soon as long as you want to benefit from free content. There’s also the option to go Premium and get rid of the ads. Are you using YouTube for kids? Let us know your opinion about the service, in the comments section available below.

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