iPhone 15 Burn In Display Fixed In iOS 17.1 Update

iphone 15 burn in display

iPhone 15 burn in display

Apple fixed the iPhone 15 burn in display issue in iOS 17.1! Fortunately, the screen burn was caused by a software glitch! This is confirmed in the release notes! We’re informed that a bug that ‘might cause display image persistence’ has been addressed!

iPhone 15 Burn In Issues?

iphone 15 burn in issues

iPhone 15 burn in issues

This unusual problem has been reported by several users on discussion forums like Reddit (1, 2, 3 and many others ), Apple’s Discussion Forums (1 and 2) and others!

iPhone 15 Burn In Fix!

The good news is that the iPhone screen burn, is not actually a screen burn, which would imply hardware issues, but it’s caused by a software bug, which Apple managed to address in iOS 17.1.

The iOS 17.1 RC release notes have been published and the confirmation is here. Under ‘improvements and bug fixes’ Apple lists:

“Fixes an issue that might cause display image persistence.”

iphone 15 screen burn fix in ios 17.1 release notes
Fact: We recommend you to update to iOS 17.1 and let us know if you can confirm the fix!

Have you managed to get rid of the iPhone 15 screen burn? Do you encounter other iOS 17 issue? Share your feedback in the comments!

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