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App Store redeem code not working

App Store Redeem Code Not Working: Cannot Connect Error

Is your App Store redeem code not working? Do you get the App Store Cannot Connect error after you enter code and tap Redeem? This issue can have several causes. The most common troubleshooting steps are provided in this article….

front camera black screen issue

iPhone Front Camera Black Screen After iOS Update (Fix!?)

Do you get the iPhone front camera black screen issue right after an iOS update? This problem has been reported right after the release of iOS 15.5. Apply the following troubleshooting tips and let us know which one worked!…

iphone scrolls back to top by itself

How To Fix iPhone Scrolls Back To Top By Itself (iOS 15.5)

iPhone scrolling up by itself after iOS 15.5 update? Is the content unexpectedly returning to the top of an app or a webpage, as if a ghost touch is registered at the top of the screen occur while you’re scrolling down? This can be very annoying and time consuming!…

Time not showing properly on Lock Screen

How To Fix Time Not Showing On iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16

Is the current time not showing properly on iPhone since you’ve updated to iOS 16? This can happen if you’re using the new iOS 16 Lock Screen customization feature that allows you to use Suggested Photos or Photo Shuffle as wallpaper themes!…

iOS 16 battery drain issue

iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue During Beta Testing (Fixed?!)

As expected, iOS 16 battery drain issues are widespread in the early Developer Beta stages. This happens because the new OS isn’t fine tuned and uses more resources for the same tasks when compared to iOS 15….