What Are The Blue Arrows Next To Keywords In iOS Safari Google Search?

ios 12.2 safari blue arrows targeted search feature

iOS 12.2 Safari blue arrows targeted search feature.

Starting with iOS 12.2 iPhone and iPad users can notice a series of blue arrows displayed next to keyword labels, when performing a Google search in Safari. These new additions provide help in targeting search results by using the proactive keyword suggestion feature. Whenever you start typing a keyword iOS will provide a list of the most probable terms that you’re looking for. If you spot one that suits your needs tap the blue arrow, available next to it, and you’ll refine your search and get further suggestions based on the chosen term.

The blue arrows can provide even more support. If you previously browsed a website via the searched keyword you will also get references from Safari’s “Bookmarks and History” section. This enhances faster access to the required resources.

How Safari’s Blue Arrow Google Search Targeting Works
Watch the YouTube video embedded below to see how this new iOS 12.2 feature works:

Other iOS 12.2 Safari Features
Besides the blue arrow targeted results option, Safari on your iPhone and iPad is now also informing users when the connection with a website isn’t encrypted. The “Not Secure” label for websites that don’t use the HTTPS encryption protocol is displayed at the top of the menu bar, next to the URL.

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