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how to watch YouTube videos picture in picture

How To Watch YouTube Videos Picture in Picture On iPhone In iOS 14

There has been a lot hype regarding the YouTube PiP feature over the last few weeks! iOS 14 has introduced native picture-in-picture functionality for iPhone. However, YouTube reacted immediately and restricted iOS and iPadOS users, from being able to multitask while watching videos in the app….

iOS 14 Compromised Password notification

iPhone Compromised Password Notification (Fact Or Hack?)

Is your iPhone displaying a Compromised Password notification and you’re not sure what this means? You get this for the first time and you wanna know if this is a real warning or a hack? Rest assured this is legit and its called a Security Recommendation. iOS 14 packs a new security feature that automatically…

Customized Safari 14 Start Page Wallpaper

How To Add Wallpaper To Safari Start Page on Mac (Safari 14)

Apple has recently released the Safari 14 update for macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave users. e’re just days away from the macOS Big Sur rollout. This update comes with a series of handy new features and enhancements one of them allowing you to add a wallpaper to the significantly revamped Safari Start Page….

DuckDuckGo default web browser on iPhone

How To Set DuckDuckGo As Default Web Browser For iPhone In iOS 14

iOS 14 allows users to change the default Safari we browser, with compatible third-party apps. DuckDuckGo has been updated with support for this new feature and you can now set it as primary web browser on your iPhone and iPad. All that you have to do is update your device to iOS 14 and download…

google chrome as default browser on iOS

How To Change The Default Safari Web Browser On iPhone & iPad

Starting with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple allows users to change the default web browser and mail client on iPhone and iPad. This means that if you have a third-party browser or mail app that you like more than the stock ones, you can now set it as default instead of Safari or Mail….