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Google Search widget on iPhone Home Screen

How To Add Google Search Widget On iPhone Home Screen (iOS 14)

In iOS 14 both stock and third-party app widgets can be added to the Home Screen. This means that iPhone owners can finally pin the Google Search bar on the home page, an option that has been available for Android users, since a couple of years. To add the Google Search widget on iPhone you…

Hum A Song - Google Search

How To Hum A Song And Find It With Google Search On iPhone (And Android)

Google has updated its Search app for iOS and Android with a new feature that allows you to hum a song and search for it. The software uses machine learning algorithms to listen and compare your humming with a huge songs database, in an attempt to identify the music track that’s stuck in your head….

Google search app for iOS Light vs Dark Mode

Google Search App For iOS And Android Updates With Dark Mode Support

Google has just updated its Search app for iOS and Android with Dark Mode support. This welcomed add-on comes more than one week after Google’s most popular iOS app, Gmail also received Dark theme compatibility. To search with Google app while using Dark Mode on your iPhone and iPad you have to update to the…

Apple Maps prioritizes Groceries, Food Delivery and Medical service location suggestions

Google Maps And Apple Maps Focus On Groceries And Medical Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

A couple of days ago, Google has updated its Maps app for iOS Android to focus on suggesting locations that are most likely to be helpful for users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of listing restaurants, fast food places, gas stations and coffee shops at the top of the search categories, the app now focuses…

ios 12.2 safari blue arrows targeted search feature

What Are The Blue Arrows Next To Keywords In iOS Safari Google Search?

Starting with iOS 12.2 iPhone and iPad users can notice a series of blue arrows displayed next to keyword labels, when performing a Google search in Safari. These new additions provide help in targeting search results by using the proactive keyword suggestion feature. Whenever you start typing a keyword iOS will provide a list of…