22 iOS Education Apps Gone Free + Bonus – Save Up To $70

duck duck moose apps gone free

Duck Duck Moose apps gone free!

Developers from Duck Duck Moose Inc. are popular for their award-winning educational apps for children. The great news is that the company has recently joined the Khan Academy, a non-profit organization that aims to provide free worldwide education. This means that all 22 apps published by Duck Duck Moose are now available for free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

So, if you already own some of the collection or haven’t tried an app yet, scroll a find the list of all applications, along with a short description and the direct App Store download link. If you enjoy the software give us a thumbs up and share this news with your friends, to promote free education for everyone. The apps are targeted for children between the age of two and ten.

22 Free Education Apps For iPhone and iPad
1. ChatterPix Kids ($2.99 FREE): allows you to give a voice to any photo. Pick an image from your Cameraroll or quickly snap a photo, draw a line to indicate the mouth and record your voice message.
2. ChatterPix ($2.99 FREE): does the same as the first app described above. The only difference is that with this version you can share your talking pics via email, Facebook and YouTube. If you want to restrict this type of sharing please use the Kids version aimed at children under 13.
3. Wizard School (formerly Wonderbox) ($2.99 FREE): inspires creative thinking and unveils curiosity by allowing children to explore fascinating topics, create funny stickers, photos and videos and share the artwork with family and friends.
4. Wheels on the Bus ($2.99 FREE): deemed for kids between age 2 and 5, promotes various skills like motor, language and cognitive by encouraging children to sing, listen, play, learn and discover.
5. Old MacDonald ($2.99 FREE): this award-winning app of the childhood classic song promises to promote cognitive, language and motor development with the help of fresh illustrations, creative interactions and music.
6. Moose Math ($2.99 FREE): teaches children aged between 3 and 7 mathematical operations like counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, geometry and more.
7. Park Math ($2.99 FREE): is aimed at children between 2 – 6. Ithelps them learn numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, patterns and much more.
8. Pet Bingo ($2.99 FREE): is aimed at kids between 5 and 10 years of age. It helps them understand the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It’s a playful game for Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, that complies with the Common Core State Standards for Math.
9. Build A Truck ($2.99 FREE): an educational game that allows players to customize, build and race their own monster trucks. Children learn the notions of speed, torque, drag, mass, inertia, friction, acceleration, gravity and more.
10. Princess Fairy Tale Maker ($2.99 FREE): a great educational app that promotes imagination, allowing children to create their own fairy tales including princesses, fairies, ballerinas, animals and more. They can also color the tale and share it with family and friends.
11. Word Wagon ($2.99 FREE): teaches letters, phonics and spelling to children aged between two and six. They learn names, sounds and spelling of 4 and 6 letter words.
12. Fish School ($2.99 FREE): comes with 8 educational activities that take place underwater. It’s an award winning app that teaches children letters, numbers, shapes and colors with the help of colorful fish and friendly sea life characters.
13. Itsy Bitsy Spider ($2.99 FREE): children should follow the famous spider to learn about the environment and the animal world. It comes with 8 activities that include: Follow, Learn, Count, Play, Sing, Listen, Watch and Collect.
14. Baa Baa Black Sheep ($2.99 FREE): is an award-winning game that combines puzzle and musical adventure with interactive illustrations. Kids have to help the sheep deliver bags of wool, explore 3 underwater worlds, collect puzzle pieces and unlock 24 hidden words.
15. Musical Me ($2.99 FREE): children learn teaches notes, rhythm and pitch with the help of this award-winning app that has now gone free. Five activities help children improve their Memory, Rhythm, Dance, Instrument and Notes skills.
16. Puzzle Pop ($2.99 FREE): a great puzzle game that teaches the little ones problem solving, sequencing, spatial reasoning, shapes, patterns and color recognition.
17. Duck Duck Moose Reading ($2.99 FREE): this double award-winning educational app embarks children on a phonics learning adventure. Kids learn to improve their reading skills while playing with flamingos, monkeys, lions and other wild animals.
18. Draw and Tell ($2.99 FREE): a great educational app for children of all ages that promotes imagination, story telling and open-ended play.
19. Peek-a-Zoo ($2.99 FREE): children have to recognize various animals that dance, eat, wag their tails, wear sunglasses, sleep and more. They learn about animals, emotions, actions and sounds.
20. More Trucks ($2.99 FREE): a creative game that teaches sequencing, sorting and problem solving. Players have to drive a fire truck, race monster trucks, drive tow trucks, stack cars in a junkyard and much more.
21. Trucks ($2.99 FREE): comes with 5 engaging activities: carwash, tow truck, garbage and recycling, bulldozer and dump truck and a car and truck parade.
22. Superhero Comic Book ($2.99 FREE): kids have to create personalized animated comic books with monsters and superheroes. They also have to narrate the story. Includes 55 scenes and coloring pages and stickers.

castles of mad king ludvig logo!!! Bonus – Castles of Mad King Ludwig ($6.99 $2.99): is a game of for all ages that’s now discounted by 50% to celebrate the 171st birthday of King Ludvig. Gamers have to build castles, room by room and carefully plan their strategy when playing against other players or the computer. Prices are set after each run making the game very competitive and engaging. This interactive game can be played both on iPhone or iPad.