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infinity blade III

Infinity Blade Trilogy Games Now Offering Black Friday Deal (Save $16)

Epic Games has just launched an appealing Black Friday sale that sees the Infinity Blade trilogy discounted to $0.99 for each of the three available games. This is a huge price cut considering that the original version usually retails for $4.99 and Infinity Blade II and III games are priced at $6.99 each. So, if…

iphone x running windows 95

iPhone X Running Windows 95 Via Power DOS App (Video)

The iPhone X is Apple’s latest flagship and Windows 95 is Microsoft’s revolutionary operating system for computers which was released on August 24, 1995. What happens if you combine the two? You get a spectacular blend between 2017 hardware and a software that was coded for a PC’s manufactured 22 years ago. The result can…

iphone x notch remover screenshots

Notch Remover App For iPhone X Approved By The App Store

Surprisingly, a controversial app that allows iPhone X users to hide the notch that hosts the TrueDepth camera system, at the top of the display, has been approved by Apple and is now available for purchase, in the App Store. Although the Cupertino-based tech giant strongly encourages app developers to update and create new apps…

iphone x fullscreen youtube playback

YouTube App Bug Causes Massive iPhone X And iPhone 8 Battery Draining

Is your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 getting hot out of the blue? It means that one or more apps are running heavily in the background and using lots of resources. One cause could be a bug of the YouTube app for iOS. Google has recently updated its popular video platform with version 12.43….

App Store's 'This Weekend Only' savings campaign.

Apple Launches A New ‘This Weekend Only’ App Store Savings Campaign

With the release of iOS 11, which includes a completely redesigned App Store, Apple has discontinued its popular Free App of the Week campaign that was featuring a premium app or game gone free, for 7 days, each Thursday. It instead introduced the new App of the Day and Game of the Day sections, which…