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Pre-ordered App Store app.

How To Pre-Order Apps And Games From The App Store

Apple has recently added a new option for App Store software developers allowing them to provide upcoming apps for pre-order. This means that you can now “book” a download in advance and have the software installed on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and more when the app is released! Both Paid and Free apps…

Google Appsperiments for iOS.

Google Releases Selfissimo, Scrubbies And Storyboard Photo & Video Apps

Google has just rolled out three mobile apps that come along a photo & video testing project, called “appsperiments”. The company aims to explore the potential of mobile photography. The new software is available on both iOS and Android platforms and facilitates testing of various technologies like object recognition, stylization algorithms, person segmentation, efficient image…

Most downloaded iPhone apps and games in 2017.

Top Free And Paid iPhone App Store Apps And Games Of 2017

Yesterday, I’ve shared with your the award winning apps and games of the Best of App Store 2017 rewards. 10 apps and games have been chosen as the best applications launched in 2017 for the iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS! Now it’s time to take a look at the top 20 apps when it comes…

How to buy Bitcoin via Coinbase on iPhone.

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoins With Coinbase On iPhone And iPad

Whether it’s from the news, social media timelines, word of mouth or any other source your must have already heard about the Bitcoin frenzy that’s unfolding these days! You don’t have to be working on the Wall Street, be an active online trader or have any ties with the financial markets in order to be…

Top iPhone apps and games of 2017.

10 Best Of App Store 2017 Apps And Games Of The Year Winners

Apple has announced today the Best of 2017 App Store awards and you can find below all 10 apps and games that have won this prestigious title in their respective categories. There are 5 big App Store categories starting with the best iPhone software and continuing with the top iPad app and game of 2017….