Apple System Status Page Not Working? (Not Reporting?)

Apple System Status page not working

Apple System Status page not working

Is the Apple System Status page not working? Are you trying to check if there’s an ongoing issue with a specific Apple service but the System status isn’t reporting anything?

Apple System Status Page Down ?

apple system status page not reporting
At the time of writing, Apple’s System Status page seems not to work as expected. The webpage loads but the available services aren’t listed anymore.

Update: Problem has been fixed. System Status page is back up an reporting as usual!

As you can notice in the above screenshot, page only displays title, last updated time and two links. The first one informs you how to contact Apple, while the other one forwards users to the Developer System Status.

Fact: The Developer System Status page does load normally. It displays all available services and also informs about any recent issues that have been solved or are ongoing!
apple developer system status working

How To Fix Apple System Status Page Not Working

apple system status page reporting properly
Obviously, there’s nothing that you can do to make Apple System Status report again. It’s an Apple related issue. You have to be patient until it gets fixed.

We’ve checked both desktop as well as mobile version of the System Status page and neither works.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Use the comments section to confirm. Also mention the country that you are browsing from. We’re trying to figure out if this is happening globally.