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macOS Ventura WiFi not working

macOS Ventura WiFi Problems? Internet Not Working? (Fix!)

Are you having macOS Ventura WiFi problems? Is the Internet not working on Mac after macOS 13 update? Wi-Fi icon greyed out in menu bar? This issue is common in these early stages, but thankfully there’s an easy fix available!…

card not working on Apple Watch

Credit Card Not Working On Apple Watch (Fixed!)

Is your credit card not working on Apple Watch? You’re trying to add it to the Wallet app on the watchOS device but get the ‘You must be signed into iCloud’ error? This happens because, most likely, you’re not signed with your Apple ID on the watch….

apple id sign out not working

Apple ID Sign Out Is Not Available Due To Restrictions (Fix)

Are you getting Apple ID sign out is not available due to restrictions when you’re trying to log out of iCloud account on iPhone, iPad or Mac? The Sign Out button is greyed out and not available to tap? Here is how to fix it!…

Face ID landscape ios 16

Face ID Not Working In Landscape Mode In iOS 16? (Fix!?)

Is Face ID not working in landscape mode after iOS 16 update? This new feature can be hampered by hardware limitations or a minor glitch of the new operating system! Here is what you can do to fix it!…

hearing aids disconnect from iPhone

Hearing Aids Disconnect From iPhone After Update (Fixed!)

Hearing Aids disconnect from iPhone after iOS 15.6 update? Connecting to iPad isn’t working either after updating to iPadOS 15.6? This accessibility issue has been faced by others! Read on and find out what you can do to fix it!…