Apple Watch Alert While Exiting The Paired iPhone Range

Apple Watch disconnected from iPhone status.

Apple Watch “Disconnected” status bar symbol.

One very helpful feature that we would love to see on Apple’s smartwatch, is the ability to issue an audio and/or haptic notification, whenever the wearable exits the paired iPhone range. This would be particularly useful for those owners that forget their iOS device in a foreign location, risking to permanently lose their smartphone. An alert, accompanied by a vibration on your wrist, can signal when the Apple Watch gets our of range, thus allowing you to return in a timely manner and recover your gadget.

At the moment the Apple Watch only displays a red “Disconnected” icon, centered, at the top of the display when you go too far away and get out of iPhone coverage. However, you can only notice the status bar indicator if you take a glance at your watchOS device. There’s also an option to ping the paired iPhone in order to be able to easily located it. But this functionality is only available when the iPhone is in range.

Apple Watch iPhone Range Alert
apple watch connected statusIf you find the above idea useful you can help us spread to word by sharing and liking this material. I also invite you to perform an official request to Apple’s support and ask them to add this alert. The more users highlight the same pairing deficiency, the higher the chances will be for the proposal to be accepted and included in an upcoming watchOS update.
Tip: A distinct haptic sequence played automatically by the wrist wearable when the connection between it and the paired iPhone, disconnects, would be more than enough. The same goes when the Watch returns back in range.

How To Ping iPhone
pinging iphone from apple watch In case you forget where you place your iPhone, you can easily recover it by pinging it from the Apple Watch Control Center.
Raise your wrist and swipe from top to bottom to unveil the Control Center. Hit the “bell” icon available center-left and start looking for your iOS device.
Tip: Pinging works even if iPhone is running in Silent mode.

Fact: watchOS 3.1 is the latest version of AW software currently available for updating. It doesn’t feature any iPhone out of range alerts. Stay tuned and we’ll notify you about all watchOS updates along with the changes that they come along with.